20.03.2014 8:20

Created a gadget for people suffering from epilepsy

The Americans offered a new device that could prevent epileptic relatives of attack. Until recently, you had to keep a journal, recording information about his health and taking drugs, or worn on the body of the sick person special sensors. The new device has combined these two functions at once.

The first device is aimed at people with epilepsy, but the producers of “smart” devices that will take note for their new developments.

Dialog, so-called new gadget – it’s not just monitor, reflecting well-being. He works independently without any direct guidance of users. Sensors that measure heart rate, temperature and other biometric information can autonomously make decisions about whether a patient threatens to attack. All biometrics translated into cloud storage.

A distinctive feature of Dialog – ease of management. If a person complains of feeling, it can hold up on the screen with your finger. The system detects the movement and sends a “cloud” of information about health. If bad – move your finger down the screen, and in the “cloud” will take the information that a person is something disturbing. If people feel an attack coming on, you can sound the alarm to warn relatives and doctors. If the do it yourself person failed, and next to him is someone, he can immediately call “ambulance” clenched in his hand Dialog.

The most interesting – way of fixing devices. Ge is not fixed on the strap and on the skin, as a sticker. It is for this reason, the data obtained is very accurate, because no additional barriers between the skin and no sensors.

It is possible that these innovations will not go unnoticed, and other manufacturers.