22.02.2014 8:53

Created an unusual controller to work and “shooting”

American designers have come up with a replacement for the mouse, keyboard and joystick in one bottle. The new device was called the King’s Assembly and is something absolutely new. In reality, the world has not seen such a device before King’s Assembly, as it combined the all three controllers from different levels and purposes. I can safely say that the invention studio Solid Art Labs claims that would begin a new era in the field of electronics.

Controller King’s Assembly composed of two devices – two panes with buttons. At each of these buttons 30 and they serve as a substitute for a keyboard. The keys have a very unusual location, given that King’s Assembly has an unusual shape, with the socket keys semicircular and therefore keys are arranged in an arc. Such an arrangement, according to the most convenient for engineers work.

Mouse in the King’s Assembly replaces sensor PixArt 9800. In order to manage it quite easily touch it with your finger. In fact, the finger is placed on the PixArt 9800, and during the operation, the user simply leads them to the sensor.

Another sensor similar PixArt 9800 replaces the joystick. Both sensors are located at different plates. By using the second user will be resorted to only when necessary in exceptional circumstances, for example, while playing a video game or working in software for processing 3D images.

At the moment there is only one prototype King’s Assembly, which has been successfully tested and is preparing to launch kaudfandinogovoy company, if successful, the device will be widely available. Entering the market King’s Assembly is not expected before spring 2014 Th. The cost of one set of King’s Assembly of the two controllers will cost $ 200. The device supports any operating system gadget connects via USB.