The creator of “Black Sails” shares his plans for a second season

The creator of “Black Sails” shares his plans for a second season


The grand finale of the first season of the series “Black Sails» (Black Sails) was warmly received by both fans of the show, as well as film critics. Guide channel Starz has demonstrated remarkable foresight, extending adventure drama on desyatiseriyny second season in July last year. In November in Cape Town started work on the new episodes of the show. 

Attention, spoilers! 

Series creator Jonathan E. Steinberg and actor Mark Ryan told about the events of the first season finale, and shared their future plans.

Did you plan from the beginning to kill Gates?

Jonathan E. Steinberg Death Gates became a shocking moment, which we walked throughout the first season. Flint mind was completely obsessed with the idea of implementing the plan. He understands that becomes obsessed with the pursuit of the ship “Urca de Lima”, but can not help myself. Emotional scene of the murder of his best friend has allowed us to show how far the Flint went to sell their obsession.

Mark, if you knew in advance that Gates will be killed?

Mark Ryan: I knew that my character does not survive the finale of the first season, but had no idea that he would die at the hands of Flint. Okay … on the screen I was already dying from bullets, knives and falls off a cliff. Gates murder scene was very emotional. Toby Stephens went into the role so that he nearly strangled me and then soaking my clothes soaked with his tears

If Gates thought Flint guilty of Billy’s death, it is not worth it if he do otherwise?

Mark Ryan: Gates is not one of those who lightheartedly send people to their deaths. He began to feel that the race for treasures robbed too many lives. My hero refused to consider the disappearance of Billy mere coincidence. He treated him like a son, and because, despite his friendship with Flint was forced to oppose the captain.

Jonathan E. Steinberg: Gates believed Flint his best friend, and it was hard to imagine that the captain could kill Billy. He just could not make it appear as if nothing had happened. Did Gates that he has a chance to get out alive and unharmed after a collision with Flint? Or he walked into the room doomed? We will return to these issues in the second season.

Why Silver decided to help Flint?

Jonathan E. Steinberg: Silvera need gold, and live Flint increases the chances of getting the Spanish treasure. At that moment, their interests coincided, allowing them to become allies. Flint and Silver – the main characters of the show. In the series, they will go a long way, which, as fans know, “Treasure Island” will end tragically. New series will talk about how to develop this forced union.

What is the future of Wayne and Eleanor?

Jonathan E. Steinberg: Either they befriend or kill each other. They are very difficult to find a middle ground in their relationship. Wayne and Eleanor look at the world through different eyes, however, are beginning to experience a mutual attraction

Max play an important role in the second season?

Jonathan E. Steinberg: She begins to realize that now everyone speaks for itself.Max saw what successes achieved Eleanor, and therefore wants to start this game.Of course, she remembers how it came Miss Guthrie. The scene on the bridge shows that Max may well become darker version of Eleanor.

Flint was right about a Spanish galleon gold. What lies ahead?

Jonathan E. Steinberg: The team now knows that made ​​Flint. Captain finally sees with his own eyes that gold, for which so long hunted, but can he get it? The second season will give viewers a chance to learn from what the test is actually made ​​Flint.He understands that he acted badly. The following season, the captain will have to face the consequences of the decisions taken.

Is he alive Billy?

Jonathan E. Steinberg Billy appears in the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, so many viewers can guess about his fate … The question of whether he is alive or not, is secondary. Spectators will have to learn how to change it occurred to him of the event. Billy fate will be an important part of the plot of the second season, which will more than once to surprise fans of our show.