The creators of “Lost” burning questions answered

The creators of “Lost” burning questions answered


Ten years have passed since the release of the pilot episode of “Lost» (Lost), and its creators are still not given answers to some troubling questions. March 16Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, along with several actors show come together in the show’s first season finale, which was shown at the Hollywood Dolby Theatre.They celebrated the anniversary of the series and made it clear a couple of intriguing moments. 

According to the common fan-medium theory for the show all his characters were dead and showed us something like “purgatory.” Cuse answer this question unequivocally: “No, they were not dead the whole time.”

He explained that this conjecture appeared because it was built the series finale, when the wreckage showed immediately before leaving for advertising. Cuse noted that this request was the former head of ABC Studios Barry Joss, who said that such a frame will great “buffer” before the ad unit: “The audience saw footage of the empty aircraft, and it has generated a lot of speculation.”

Actors also noted that they had heard enough theories about what happened on the show really. Jorge Garcia (Hurley), for example, said that once met a guy who believed that all the passengers of the crashed flight actually cloned, and all series – a story about real people copies.

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Josh Holloway (Sawyer) told the story of how his own hypothesis shared withLindelof: “I once looked at you (nods to Lindelof) and said that the island – a kind of Death Star, and you looked at me like I was an idiot . I ran away and did not stick out because I was afraid that my character will be killed. ”

As is well known to fans of the series, Jack (Matthew Fox) was originally supposed to die in the pilot. Lindelof shared that plans were to build a marketing show around one actor, and then kill his character and thus to shock viewers. But ultimately rejected this idea.

“Producers studio decided that the audience begins to empathize with this character. His fans will never not believe us if we kill their pet, and then begin to untwist someone else. “

He added that when Ian Somerhalder learned about the death of his characterBoone, then took it quietly, so the producers decided to kill a few more guys. On the other hand, Lindelof, said Daniel Dae Kim, who played Jin so worried about the fate of his character in the project, that the producers asked if he should hold off on buying a home in Hawaii, where the shooting took place.

Fans also remained unclear point of the fifth season finale. Sawyer and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) is sent to sea in a canoe along the way and come into a gunfight with a group of people on the boat. Juliette hurt one of them, but the time shift and makes us understand who it was. Lindelof explained this episode: “In the end we had to reveal the identities of these people. But the writers thought it would be much cooler if we did leave this question unanswered. Everything is on paper, and we may someday explain who it was. “

Spelled out in the script and the two characters to which nobody cared, including writers. This is Nikki (Kiel Sanchez) and Paulo (Rodrigo Santoro). They presented the third season as the survivors of the crash of Flight 815. Cuse said that for them the line was developed for one season, but that changed after about six episodes.Characters do not like not only the audience, but also producers. It was therefore decided to pretend that they never existed.