24.01.2014 3:20

Criticism of Obama accused of illegal political donations

In the U.S. criticism of President Barack Obama accused of illegal donations during the campaign for the Senate in 2012, the newspaper The New York Times. According to prosecutors, the writer and director Dinesh D’Souza engaged in illegal financing of one of the candidates.

Manhattan prosecutors found that D’Souza urged people to translate a certain candidate for 20 thousand dollars, and then reimbursed by the costs. Thus, according to U.S. law, such agreements are prohibited. In addition, sponsors can not translate one candidate more than five thousand dollars.

As a result, in the opinion of the prosecution, D’Souza actions led to the candidate, whom he urged to maintain unknowingly provided incorrect information about his campaign.

What kind of policy is referred to in the indictment did not specify. However, based on circumstantial evidence, we have in mind a candidate for the Senate Republican Wendy Long (Wendy Long). It is known that Dinesh D’Souza himself donated to her campaign five thousand dollars. In total, she managed to collect 785 thousand dollars. Long claimed the position of senator from New York, but lost to Democrat Kirsten Dzhillibrand.

Dinesh D’Souza is the director of the film “2016: America under Obama.” This documentary criticizing the incumbent were released a few months before the end of the presidential campaign. This year, D’Souza is going to start work on a new film, “America.” Judging by the comments of the director himself, he intends to demonstrate that the negative predictions come true Republicans associated with the re-election of Obama.