What should be done in Cyprus

What should be done in Cyprus


In a national holiday in Cyprus, which is called – National holiday in Cyprus, we will talk about what to do at this popular resort to anyone who wants to diversify beach vacation.

Climb the rock of Aphrodite


Aphrodite rocks are considered to be the most beautiful place on the island, and no trip to the southwest of Cyprus can not do without their visit. Huge boulders, situated between Limassol and Paphos, according to legend, is the birthplace of the goddess of fertility and love, Aphrodite. Many tourists visit this place to the goddess helped them find a soul mate: You need to obplyt rocks several times in a circle. Aphrodite rocks are very popular also among those who love to brag about travel pictures in instagramme. And not far from the cliffs you will find lovely clean beaches. Get here is pretty simple: rock of Aphrodite located 25 kilometers east of Paphos, is necessary to move along the highway B6.

Visit the Monastery of Kykkos

Monastery of the Holy Virgin Mary – the main Orthodox sanctuary on the island. It is located a few kilometers north-west of the Troodos Mountains. In order to see the monastery, you will need to climb to a height of about 1318 meters above sea level, which will also see the scenic surroundings from above. Local landscapes pacify: both pastoral village, and pine forest. The monastery of the Holy Virgin Mary was in the late 11th century, and served not only religious, but also a defensive structure. Thick walls, small windows and low arches give monastery harsh menacing. Holy saints here is the painting, written by the Apostle Luke. Preferred here to reach by car from Paphos – about forty minutes on the road, and you are there.

Walk in the park of sculptures in Limassol


For locals, the sculpture park is the best place for meetings and walks: it contains unusual sculptures, which had no place in another, more suitable, location. In the park you will see about 20 rather unusual sculptures, both local and foreign authors. Free entrance to the park and its year-round work made it a popular destination for relaxation and many tourists. Sculptures are not collected in the same space, and occupy about one mile waterfront line. Getting to this unusual place is easier: you need to move towards the waterfront, where a large number of runs shuttles.

Sculpture Park in Limassol


Another incredibly beautiful place in Cyprus, which, moreover, is under UNESCO protection. Pleasant this attraction that is not created any special infrastructure that discourages crowds: riding on rough roads in a jeep or bike, you can explore all the local attractions and meet with any person with a camera. Well, of course, can not but attract ventured here to go brave local beautiful sandy beaches. Here you can find about 170 species of birds, several dozen species of mammals and reptiles. And still on the peninsula bred endangered green turtles. Reach someone here by bus from Paphos or book a tour to the SUV – then the path will not have to worry.

See the majestic tombs


The so-called tombs were built in the third century BC, but they are not used for the disposal of royal personages, but just for noble people, as the monarchy in the country ceased to exist just in the third century BC. Named so this place was just what is truly royal, impressive size. Many of the buildings were used by early Christians To conduct ceremonies, one of the tombs was converted into a chapel. And in some medieval stone buildings and all were used as residential. Despite the fact that the tombs were plundered many centuries ago, they are still able to shake its grandeur, serenity and beauty. Entrance to the tomb cost about 2 euros, you can visit them from June to September from 8.30 to 19.30 in the winter – from 8 to 17 hours.

Tombs of the Kings, Cyprus


As you noticed, all the attractions in our list are located near the town of Paphos. Here we suggest you stop taking off in a hotel room “Mayfair Apts Wanted.” It is relatively inexpensive and decent place, which is ideal to comfortably spend a few nights.