Dark-skinned comedian, “anti-Semite”, persecuted in France, denied entry to the UK

Dark-skinned comedian, “anti-Semite”, persecuted in France, denied entry to the UK


UK Home Office denied entry to the French comedian Dieudonné Mbala Mbala, previously appeared in the center of anti-Semitic scandal. As the BBC Russian service , in London explained the refusal reasons of public security.

In January, several representations with Dieudonne, in which he mocked the Jews and the Holocaust, were banned in France. Two weeks ago, The Football Association (FA) has put forward formal charges against the attacker club “West Bromwich” Nicolas Anelka, who celebrated a goal scored by using a favorite gesture Mbale, reproducing, as it is believed the Nazi salute and often used by anti-Semites.

Mbala wanted to go to the UK just to support his friend, football player, who is now facing disqualification for five matches if found guilty of insulting racial, ethnic and religious grounds.

Himself forward last week refused to voluntarily leave the club. Footballer continues to insist that he is “not anti-Semitic and racist” and caused a sharp reaction from society gesture used only to support his friend Dieudonne, whom he fought establishment.

BBC notes that the French courts handed down six times against comedian convictions for incitement to hatred.

And as recently as last week, the police conducted a series of raids as part of a fraud investigation by the comedian. It is believed that after a number of his performances were banned in France, comedian rewrote the script by removing the most offensive passages. However, his fans and civil rights were quick to blame the French authorities of censorship and infringement on freedom of speech. French Interior Minister Manuel Valls generally insists to ban comic act in France with his “hatred technology.”