Darren Aronofsky will work with HBO

Darren Aronofsky will work with HBO


After the success of the biblical Noah drama on the big screen next project director will be to work on TV. Deadline reports. Aronofsky that perform executive producer and directed the mini-series – the adaptation of the trilogy Margarette Atwood MaddAddam. Canadian writer-producer will be the project consultant.

The trilogy consists of the books Oryx and Crake (Oryx and Crake), The Year of the Flood and MaddAddam.

The plot is quite in keeping with Aronofsky:

Spacy planet on the brink of disaster: terrorism, epidemics, lawlessness genetic mutations. Mad scientist, a former porn star and a buffoon loser converted consumer absurd world in desolation. To wipe out humanity, enough elaborate virus and a few months of the epidemic. In place of a new tribe of people came – herbivore, innocent and beautiful. Middle of an abandoned park Children live corncrake and buffoon-loser, the only living person in the world, writes them fairy tales for a new life.