David Duchovny: “I wanted to Hank Moody died”

David Duchovny: “I wanted to Hank Moody died”

David Duchovny:

Attention! Interview contains spoilers for the series finale! 

After seven seasons quarrels, separations, change, sea and mountains alcohol drugs, the love story of Hank Moody (David Duchovny) and Karen (Natasha McElhone) finally ended. 

And although at the beginning of the final series, they continued to swear at the end of those two again looked at each other with loving eyes and not that heading into the sunset, but certainly looked happy. 

“As a writer, I’m just crazy about happy endings” – these words of Hank Moody can be regarded as a synopsis of the last episode of Californication, because of the popular long-running show finale appeared uncertain. All fans of the series waiting for a happy ending, but if you can call it what we saw? .. 

David Duchovny said that he thinks about it in an interview resource TVGuide. 

David Duchovny: "I wanted to Hank Moody died"

What do you expect from the series finale? 

In a sense, I probably had a death wish Hank Moody . But, on the other hand, I would like them to Karen were together again. Relationship of the pair have always remained the core show our Holy Grail. While they are not together, but the hope for a bright future there. Hank Moody always been very important is this hope. 

Why do you want your hero’s death? Or was it one of the ideas the writer Tom Kapinos? 

I am sure that this idea existed, but he did not tell about it. And in general, I always want my characters to die at the end. For me it is a way to finally say goodbye to the project. In this case, death would be even and punishment. But the happy ending is better. Hank Moody liked to repeat a speech about the “happily ever after”, and now he had a chance for something to bring them to life. 

David Duchovny: "I wanted to Hank Moody died"

You do not think that trying to be a good father, Levon, Hank Moody himself punished enough? 

I was referring to physical death as punishment for alcoholism and other excesses.And so it is morally yourself constantly hassled. As for fatherhood, for Becky, he was the best dad. Not always right, but honest. He taught her to be honest. This is something that I truly admire. It was very difficult, but an active and loving parent.Against Levon he behaves more like an older brother. To me he will always be a great father and Becky not very successful coach Levon. 

Speaking of Beck … It seems logical that it is once again brought the father and mother. 

This is very important. I remember the scene when, after her departure, Karenbegan to doubt whether their associates with Hank Moody anything other than his daughter. But even if Becky is not around, he still loves her Karen. 

Did the its relations with all the women recent accident? It seems that after her he still concentrated on the sole … 

Yes, and this is a fact of life. We think that we will live forever as long as reality does not destroy that illusion. And then we realize how valuable we all what we used to love. Such events are a good reminder of this. 

David Duchovny: "I wanted to Hank Moody died"

And that’s what ultimately pushed Hank Moody to another romantic escapade? 

No, his feelings are more consistent. No matter what it was before, it just saysKaren: “Let’s try it. ‘ They had a difficult seven years (as Tom Kapinos, who wrote all these tears and quarrels). Over the past two years, their feelings have cooled slightly. But when the plane they hold hands, we do not think about the past. They have what we have now, and what no one else has. 

And yet, this scene was not a point but rather an ellipsis … 

For me, this is the happy ending to which we aspired. In some other world or dimension they somehow go into the sunset, as it should. 

Once Hank Moody left his Porsche, so he finally decided to move to New York. That’s good? 

Looks that way. Besides, it was there all the time sought to Karen. In New York, they have more opportunities. 

David Duchovny: "I wanted to Hank Moody died"

What can you say goodbye to viewers who have lost their beloved hedonist? 

[Laughs] Just thank you for watching our show. Every day I come to shoot with one desire – to make people laugh. This desire has always been a priority with us. We tried to have fun and give yourself a good mood the other, and once we’ve got, it was the best job you can imagine.