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Dead Rising 3 – clinical case

Zombie, zombie, zombie – Dead Rising 3 puts a bullet on the theme of a zombie apocalypse. Walking mervetsov there are so many that no squeeze or overcrowded. Felt a hero, and Stakhanovite that day and night cut-cuts-crushes field littered with swarming, rotten flesh. Swung the scythe – and flew right hand-foot-head. Swung the second time – and the meat fell down to the left. And so for 15-20 hours filled grunt, groan and sniffles. Please cheers, then tired in the final of all this begins nauseated. If you want to develop sustainable aversion to the subject of a zombie apocalypse – Welcome to Dead Rising 3.
Developer Blue Castle Game
Publisher Capcom
Official Site http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/games/dead-rising-3
Platforms Xbox One
Genres Action adventure
Released Games November 22, 2013
In one American town with dissonant called Los Perdidos (Los Perdidos) terrible happened. Residents have turned into zombies and poured into the streets. Military blocked the exits to the infection does not spread, and prepared for bombardment. A handful of survivors engaged in habitual thing for yourself – looking for ways to break free until they together with the walking is not burned by napalm.For everything they week.
Demonstration of the gameplay difficulty on Nightmare, but at the same time: 
problems with recognition in Kinect, cooperative, creating a death machine
Clock constantly ticking. Day gives way to night, day pass, start following. If reserved for salvation week end – end game.
On the whole, remained familiar from previous games series Dead Rising principle. Weeks with enough headroom for exploring the city, the implementation of primary and secondary missions, and save on control points allow us not to worry about his meetings with the bosses. Fans rigid rules first Dead Rising can immediately start the game mode Nightmare. Time for completion is halved, zombie bosses and amplified, and conservation are only available when visiting composting toilets.
At the head of the surviving losers is a guy named Nick. He – mechanic, handyman. They – idiots. One does not allow himself to be saved, until Nick finds “cool car” (and then laughed at the boys). Another, with just a torn hand, will primp before a date with my husband (we must put himself in order.) Third suddenly run into a museum to look at the exhibits (the time for education). Fourth, fifth, sixth – in the way, betray, substituted, and the unfortunate Nick worn around town, trying to gather the herd of sheep wander.
The plot is not just devoid of originality – he is stupid, incoherent, with annoying, unsympathetic characters. The brightest spots in it – Seven optional bosses psychopaths personifying mortal sins.But they are only interested in their appearance, men are boring and long.
There is no drama, parody, too. Laughter cause only attempts to tie together the events of the previous parts Dead Rising and surprise “unexpected” outcome.
The game is set in the city. How would a large. If you look at the area, then yes, inspires respect. And in fact, this four tiny quarters on grivations connected very broad roads, that was where to drive on machines. Mission kicking mechanics from north-west to south-east, south-east to south-west, and so on. Find, bring. Find, bring. Find, brining. If you go strictly by the story, without being distracted by side quests, then you feel a tennis ball, which stupidly jumps in the field of one square kilometer, from one edge to the other. Side jobs are forced to run more as survivors desperately need trash.
And all this time Nick fights zombies. More precisely, not fighting … Here is more appropriate phrase “cuts through the way through.” Mervetsov so much that the car gets stuck in this rotten swamp. They slip and slide, not ending. Can they kill hundreds and thousands, not become less. They shred ax and sword, shoot a pistol and a shotgun, throwing grenades, fireworks getting meat. To speed up the process of “cutting through the road” to the objectives of the mission, on the found items kombiniruesh schemes (this is no longer necessary desktop, Nick makes the gun on his knees).Boxing gloves with kitchen knives, wind-up toy machine guns, rc helicopter blades of machetes – first all it’s great fun, and about an hour comes the understanding that most of this stuff developers invented for fun. Effective ways to destroy the zombies is very small.
Besides weapons, Nick Zombie Master-masher. To do this, he needs two cars, of which a few seconds turns monster on wheels with a gun on the roof. Stands on this drive on the highway in one direction – and a hundred second-groomed in asphalt corpses remain behind.
Gradually in new types of zombies, but our mechanic is not worth not place. For murder and execution of missions he gains experience points and development, becoming stronger, faster, fitter, healthier, learning weapon master of anything. “Survival” is transformed into a meat grinder, interrupted plot rollers and the ubiquitous military in the final. And so – you push and you cut, you cut and squash.Monotonous, dull job. Trying to find an outlet for new kinds of weapons, but soon realize that they just overlap, just look different.
A little extra fun. You can wear ridiculous outfits. Or participate in mini-games to speed the destruction of zombies. Or ‘search’ marked on the map secrets. Or take Dead Rising 3 in co-op.
With fun? No. Before the start of the campaign to choose how you want to play: solo or duet. In the second case to you at any time may fall on the head of another user. Fall and run where he pleases.For example, it will perform the story missions for you – and you lose part of the story. Or the story missions will start near you – and knock down their shots. Or will just run somewhere nearby, senseless and merciless killing zombies with you without it copes.
And in Dead Rising 3 functions are used Kinect. All options in the game menu, you can activate voice commands, but as to refer to it no codeword, the Kinect all thrown into the air takes in relation to itself.During the passage of the game, put on pause, suddenly spontaneously joined only because Kinect heard something similar to the word «resume». Helpless hero tore a zombie and had to re-hack their way down the long street.
Developers come up with another game – if Nick grabbed a zombie, you need to shake the gamepad to push him away. The controller Xbox One thus begin to rattle dangling batteries. And okay, let the thunder, but no controller, sensors, shaking reads Kinect. But Kinect is not always able to correctly grasp, shaking it or not. Often, wielding a gamepad as a rattle, and zombies Nick knocked to the ground. In another situation, still holding a gamepad in hands, and deftly Nick gets out of the embrace. To save yourself from unexpected deployment of voice commands and incorrect operation of motion sensor, Kinect is better to disconnect from Xbox One on the passing game. In this case, you simply press the buttons as usual – do not need to shake, cry or worry about accidentally thrown word.
Most disappointing graphics. From the first draft to the next generation console wait at least clarity.And Dead Rising 3 in the resolution is 720p, due to poor picture dazzled antialiasing, textures murky, in motion picture strongly smeared objects dorisovyvaetsya the eyes facing the frame rate occasionally drops to uncomfortable levels (we were “optimized” version with installed patch 13 GB).You can only wonder hundreds of zombies in the frame, but after fifteen minutes of the game they are perceived part of the decor.
And I would like to zombies behaved quietly. Very tired for 15 hours listening to the monotonous and moo champ cuts the flesh.


There is no interesting story or different missions, no spectacular scenery. Rather, the level graphics Xbox 360 causes rejection as tasteless art design downtown Los Perdidos. There are only thousands of zombies and hundreds of weapons to eliminate them. Here are just a 3 Dead Risind killing them carries no emotional coloring. They – not enemies. They – it’s just an obstacle on the way to your destination. Rotting, moo, sloshing under the hammer blows interference, through which it is necessary to break through again and again throughout the game.
  • Zombie zombie zombie
  • A huge quantity of weapons
  • Outfits on any (including warped) taste
  • Colorful bosses, psychopaths of side missions (the most memorable characters in the game)
  • Poor integration with Kinect
  • Faceless, boring city
  • Rambling, silly story with characters, clowns
  • Zombie perceived dull part of the situation and not a serious threat
  • Monotonous mission monotonous gameplay
  • Schedule at the project level Xbox 360
  • Frame rate often falls below a comfortable level