Declassified appearance of new Renault Espace

Declassified appearance of new Renault Espace


Date officially debut the new generation minivan Renault Espace in until called. However, apparently, the work on it is underway. Anyway, with the French body design already decided: the image appeared on the web for future innovations that are sent to the patent office.

Judging from the sketches, common on the Internet blog Jokeforblog , new Renault Espace will generally be enough to remind bold concept Initiale Paris . It was presented at last year’s French exhibition in Frankfurt and was designed to fix Renault desire to try his hand in the premium segment. However, serial Renault Espace, it seems, will receive much more modest appearance.

Minivan will provide flat sides without vyshtampovok spectacular and traditional doors (in concept Initiale Paris they opened upstream movement moreover, such models are often used sliding doors). Will differ markedly and the design of the rear part of the body, and also in the direction of simplification. What exactly would be the interior of a minivan is not yet known.

According to some reports, based on the new Renault Espace platform lies CFM, created jointly by the French and their colleagues from Nissan. It has already been used to create a crossover Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail new generations, but that does not mean that the French can get a minivan-wheel drive system.

According to some European media debut serial Renault Espace can be held in the fall, “home” exhibition in Paris. Closer to September should appear and lacking technical information. Moreover, by the time we will know whether the Renault Espace return to the Russian market.