New transformer Dell Inspiron 7568 Review: Specs and Buy

New transformer Dell Inspiron 7568 Review: Specs and Buy

New transformer Dell Inspiron 7568 Review: Specs and Buy

Agree, tablets and laptops – the device Dell Inspiron 7568 is really important today, and often altogether essential. Often, work, everyday moments, leisure connected with these electronic assistants, so they – already an integral part of the lives of most people today.

And what would you say about how to combine the functionality of a laptop with the reliability of a Tablet PC? However, the guess here is nothing, because the future has arrived, and with it in our lives were transformers – devices that can be converted into a laptop or a tablet PC. But in addition to these two modes, they still have the so-called “intermediate”, which, of course, also find application. About that, what can modern hybrids, we will describe the example of new items – Dell Inspiron 7568.

Design Dell Inspiron 7568

New transformer Dell Inspiron 7568 Review: Specs and Buy

Externally, the device is not particularly remarkable, it is rather inconspicuous done in a traditional style. To match his sustained and colors: black and graphite cover, such as a keyboard, and bottom. But podladonnaya surface and hinges on the contrary, light gray, cool and diluted gloomy color. Let’s go back to the cover: it is made of rubberized plastic, enough of the brand. Panel draws attention to the Dell logo with silver loop.

We open the laptop and immediately see a huge platform for the hands, a large touchpad and a keyboard that appears on their background well, very tiny. By the way, podladonnaya surface of aluminum, making the hands comfortably cool during operation, and on the practicality of the material affects the most positive way. The frame around the screen is relatively thin, the display is, of course, touch. Options Dell Inspiron 7568 usage scenarios – four: a laptop, tablet, tent and presentation. Surely they have already known to you, but we still briefly to recall about each of them. So, notebook mode – it can be said, a classic, because the device is in the role, the usual 15.6-inch device. “Tablet” mode is also quite predictable, it is ideal for playing games, and surfing the Web. The remaining two positions will be perfect for showcasing presentations, slide shows, for watching movies, etc.

New transformer Dell Inspiron 7568 Review: Specs and Buy

Usually transformer, even from different manufacturers, a common problem: the size and weight. Unfortunately, often specified by the manufacturer parameters are optimal for notebook, but not for a tablet – device that it is desirable to hold in their hands. Alas, but described a hybrid is not an exception: 2.2 kg for the 15-inch laptop – this is the norm, but the Tablet PC – definitely too much. Dimensions of the following new items: 382h253h20 mm.

By the way, the device can be upgraded, if desired. To do this, armed with a screwdriver and unleash 10 screws on the bottom. After removing the cover, you can proceed with upgrading the hard drive and RAM. As for the build quality, the fault is not particularly what: construction looks sturdy, high-quality parts fit well. The only thing that occurs deflection in the keyboard, but only if special press.

Display, audio and webcam Dell Inspiron 7568

15.6-inch screen in the laptop has a Full HD-resolution. Perhaps the most optimum rate for a given diagonal to at least scaling problems arise. Brightness and contrast are pleased with their performance, the picture the output is a juicy, bright and saturated. IPS-matrix, in turn, provides a wide viewing angle, so under any foreshortening color reproduction and image quality remains high. By the way, the display surface – glossy, so use the device in direct sunlight – not the best option. Touchscreen, it supports simultaneous touch up to 10 fingers. The commands are executed quickly, without having to re-pressing.

Among laptop accessories separately would like to highlight the stylus Dell Active Pen (PN556W). it is not included in the package, but anyone can buy a digital pen separately, paying $ 50. This pen has 2048 levels of sensitivity, it can help you easily draw clear lines, varying their thickness. Of course, indispensable bagatelle Dell Active Pen can not be called, but the fact that a creative person he obviously will not gather dust somewhere in a corner – a fact.

New transformer Dell Inspiron 7568 Review: Specs and Buy

On the front face of the slant put on the stereo speakers manufacturer Waves MaxxAudio Pro on both sides. The sound they give out is not so hot, because depending on the mode dynamics or partially covered, or are directed in the opposite direction from the user. In general, we find mediocre sound, with obviously weak bass and treble. Although the acoustics and quiet enough for a small little room, we still recommend the use of headphones.

In devayse used a webcam, front, the resolution of which – 1 megapixel. Features its very limited, for example, to make high-quality photos just will not work. However, with the help of the webcam can comfortably communicate via Skype, at least companion will be well seen.

Keyboard and Touchpad Dell Inspiron 7568

In relation to the keyboard manufacturer has taken an interesting but controversial decision. By itself, the keyboard unit looks very fine, also in opposition to it – spacious podladonnaya surface. Perhaps it can even be called overly spacious, and we do not quite understand what is the point to leave a lot of space on the sides. The keyboard is made on island principle, her small square keys with white markings. Digital block is missing, which is not typical for a 15-inch form factor, the more so, again, given the unused space around the keyboard unit.

New transformer Dell Inspiron 7568 Review: Specs and Buy

Buttons that are used in the most likely to get large. For example, [Enter] – single-row, beneath it, as well as on the opposite side – extended [Shift]. Hitting [CapsLock] and [Tab] is not a problem, they are very overall. But the turnout unit – a miniature, although around him enough space. The keys have a short stroke, however, the keyboard reveals itself not bad, at least, his hands do not get tired from a long or fast typing. By the way, if the targeted pressure on keyboard unit, the substrate sag. Basically, if you do not hit the keys with full force at the time of printing, the deflection can be avoided. The keyboard has a backlight that allows you to work even at night.

By pressing the space bar, well in the middle, it is the touchpad. It is made in the shape of a square, by the standards of modern manipulators – large. The touch pad responsive enough, but not immune to short locked up. There is support for multi-touch gestures (scrolling, zooming). Physical keys not, but guess the location is easy thanks to the built-in vertical dividers.

Performance Dell Inspiron 7568

Transformer Dell Inspiron 7568-9862 comes with Windows 10 64-bit operating system. As a dual-core chip using the low voltage Intel Core i5-6200U, built on Skylake architecture. It supports multi-threading technology Hyper-Threading, which up to clock frequency, it varies between 2.3-2.8 GHz (up to 2.7 GHz with two active nuclei). The chip is built on 14-nm process technology, cache level 3 is 3MB, TDP – no more than 15 watts.

New transformer Dell Inspiron 7568 Review: Specs and Buy

Stuffing adds integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 520, which has 24 actuators, operating at a frequency of 300-1050 MHz. Games performance of the notebook is quite weak: hardware components can not cope with any of the toys or 2015, even on low settings. For example, Need for Speed (2016) with a resolution of 1366×768 and medium-settings go with 13-14 fps. Game Hitman 2016 low and reduced 1024h720 resolution shows only 11 frames per second. With World of Warships 2015 (1366×768, medium) fared better – 47 fps, well, in Counter-Strike: GO (2012) and all possible system feel confident with the 77 fps with the same settings.

The manufacturer provided a good supply of memory – 8 GB of DDR3-1600 MHz standard. information storage system provided a rapid SSD solid state drive capacity of 256 GB.

Ports and Communications Dell Inspiron 7568

Together with the Dell Inspiron 7568 is supplied to the user base set of interfaces. So, on the right side you can see the volume rocker, power button on the device, USB 3.0 port and a card reader 3-in-1 (SD / SDHC / SDXC).

The left side has two additional ports USB 3.0 (one supports PowerShare feature), the HDMI video output, the combined audio jack, charging jack and a slot for a Kensington lock.

Wireless communications are presented standard modules Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery and heating Dell Inspiron 7568

The 3-cell lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 3600 mAh (43 Wh). The manufacturer claims that the autonomy of the stock will last for 7:00, and we have no reason not to trust him. However, the time is likely – idle mode. Web surfing and video playback discharge device for about 3-4 hours, and the toys even faster – for 1.5-2 hours.

Since than the transformer there are no problems, so it is with heat. During everyday use, it remains comfortably cool, you can keep on your lap without the slightest discomfort. With a maximum load area in the upper left corner of the keyboard warmer, but not critical. And another plus Dell Inspiron 7568 is a laptop that is extremely quiet, the fan noise can not be heard even with the launch of demanding applications.

Conclusion Dell Inspiron 7568

Transformer Dell Inspiron 7568 – a device that looks elegant and at the same time draws attention to its multi-mode. Thus, the device is able to accept the position of notebook, tablet, tent and presentation that makes it very functional. Its design uses metal and high quality plastic. news Display – touchscreen with a resolution of Full HD, good brightness and contrast.

Filling is nothing supernatural, serious programs and games it will not pull. The issue with the keyboard left open to us: it is not clear why it is so small, even without numpad, and vice versa podladonnaya playground – huge. In general, we would like to say that the unit we were surprised in a good way, but the miracle did not happen. For $ 900 you get a device even if not the most powerful, but the quality is stable.