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Review of the Dell Latitude 11 5175: Specs and Price

Typically, hearing the name of the «Latitude», we tend to assume that we are talking about one of the Dell laptops. However, among a wide range of products from well meet hybrid gadgets. A clear example is the Dell Latitude 11 5175, which is positioned as a device 2-in-1 for professional use. Options considered in the review can rightfully be called a top, particularly in tablet provides 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of built-in, powerful processor 6th generation, and much more, that will allow the device to compete in the electronics market.

Design DELL LATITUDE 11 5175

Despite the display with a diagonal of 10.8 inches, the body does not look too bulky. Its dimensions are 279.8h176.8h10.78 mm. However, weight is not the most optimal for tablet – 710 grams. In part, this is understandable, because the design is not only made of plastic and metal, more specifically, a magnesium alloy. Thus, for example, the reverse side of the Latitude 5175 does not flex and torsion-resistant. As for the display, it is no less strong. In particular, it is protected by a sturdy glass, of which we shall say a few words in the next section.

To say that the device is too attractive not work. Dreary black colors, the traditional presence of a company logo, lens front and rear cameras, the conventional framework for the perimeter of the display. Perhaps the business will remain in this design are happy, because nothing will distract them from the current affairs. Incidentally, the plate is assembled, generally, normally, the gaps but not yet been avoided in some places. Nevertheless, it may be safe to take with you on frequent trips.

Review of the Dell Latitude 11 5175: Specs and Price

Of special mention is the docking keyboard that can be joined with the flatbed portion. Mounted and enters the grooves, it is easy to detach and will only have to press a special button on the ledge located above the key area. Unfortunately, it is not included in the package, so it will have to buy separately.

Display, sound, webcam DELL LATITUDE 11 5175

The manufacturer has equipped the tablet 10.8-inch glossy display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The screen has an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and a fairly high margin of brightness and contrast are higher than 440 cd / m2 and 800: 1 respectively, allowing you to work comfortably even on the street. In addition, we have used a subtle but quite durable coating Corning Concore Glass. It will stand not only to scratches, and other mechanical damage. With regard to the IPS-matrix, it provides good visibility, however, a slight distortion of color in most corners of the still will be felt. Speaking of color. Compliance sRGB space is about 81%, it’s not bad, but not enough for professional tasks. If we talk about the touch-sensitive surface, its timely response to the command, and therefore, a correct operation will not bring the owner. With support for multi-touch gestures, he will be able to rotate images, reduce or increase their scale.

Review of the Dell Latitude 11 5175: Specs and Price

Also, the device provides two cameras. The rear has a higher resolution than the front: 8 megapixels to 5 megapixels. I must say that both do an excellent job with the tasks. Is that the main autofocus photographs better and higher quality images are obtained. By the way, she’s able to shoot video in Full HD-resolution.

As for the acoustics, it is represented by two speakers placed at sides. They sound, in general, normal, however, the power and depth of sound are missing. There is shortcomings and volume. Rather, it is sufficient, but as it approaches the maximum value will be heard clear distortion. However, to expect high quality from the speaker unit 2-in-1 and it is not necessary.


The input device 11 in the Dell Latitude 5175 is a standard onscreen keyboard Windows. If you are acquiring the docking station, it will be possible to use the physical, many it will seem familiar, especially during the execution of a number of work tasks. In addition, there is support for stylus mini Active Pen, which also provides additional ease of operation: the implementation of sketching, writing text, using the digital pen as a mouse. Charging the device very quickly, it will take 25 seconds to reach 100%.

Performance DELL LATITUDE 11 5175

The Windows tablet Dell Latitude 11 5175-1979 runs on 64-bit “top ten” Professional Edition and has powerful hardware components. The device is Intel Core m5-6Y57 processor built on 14-nm technology. It has a cache in the third level in the amount of 4 MB and the frequency of 1.1 GHz, which can be increased up to 2.4 GHz with two active cores and 2.8 GHz with a single. By the way, thanks to supporting Hyper-Threading technology, the chip can simultaneously handle up to four threads. Overall, Core m5-6Y57 suitable for various applications, even complex. Especially since he will not be a power of 4.5 W snag, if we talk about the autonomy of the device.

Review of the Dell Latitude 11 5175: Specs and Price

The filling tablet also complemented by integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 515, which copes with the media and, of course, a simple graphical computing. As a processor, it refers to the generation of Skylake also supports DirectX 12, is able to decode video H.265 / HEVC, displays an image on multiple displays at the same time. For games, it is rather weak, nevertheless, you can always find time for a relatively outdated toy Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite, and the like. However, the process is more or less normal in the middle, often low settings and resolutions up to 1366×768 pixels. Unfortunately, to successfully play in the native Full HD will not work.

The stuffing has provided 8 GB of RAM standard LPDDR3-1600 MHz and 256 GB SSD. Excellent selection, who will appreciate the modern user: quick response unit, ample storage space for files, trouble-free running multiple applications and so on.

Ports and Communications DELL LATITUDE 11 5175

Interfaces in the Dell Latitude 5175 is enough to work comfortably and connect different devices. So, on the right side, you can see the Windows button, microSD card reader, the slot for a Micro-SIM and Noble.

Review of the Dell Latitude 11 5175: Specs and Price

On the opposite side is a USB Type-C, USB 3.0, Micro-HDMI. In addition to the ports located on the left volume button and a headphone output.

At the top of the tablet provides power key, and below – the port for docking with the docking station.

From sensors present an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and among the wireless communications seen Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.1, 3G and LTE. NFC module for short-range data communication is available as an option.

Battery Dell Latitude 11 5175

The tablet is 2-cell Li-ion battery with a capacity of 35 Wh. 100% of its charge is enough for almost three hours of operation under load. But if you use the Latitude 5175 in a balanced mode with Wi-Fi, it will last about 7 hours. However, to achieve such autonomy will only if reduced by half the display brightness. By the way, the longest possible time to call in the standby mode – about 13 hours.

Conclusion Dell Latitude 11 5175

As for the Dell Latitude 11 5175 the business unit was very even in performance and functionality. His appearance, high-quality Full HD-display, as well as the relatively, low weight perfectly, fit into the work environment, and even the presence of defects in a few gaps does not spoil the overall picture. By the way, this does not prevent the tablet be a great companion for trips and other trips. If we talk about the processing capability, the device confidently cope with many problems, not only with basic web surfing and daily work-related e-mail. As we have said, the assembly is quite powerful, but even so, it cost $ 1,200, and this without the docking keyboard may seem to many not so affordable.