15.09.2014 9:27

Depreciation of the yen continues

In recent years, the yen depreciates. Comments voiced by Governor of the Central Bank Haruhiko Kuroda, reinforced predictions that the central bank of Japan on October 31 announces new measures easing monetary policy at the meeting. Earlier easing almost expected. In addition, the weak GDP data in April-June this year, did it very likely. If Kuroda does not hint at softening October 7, it can lead to “buying the yen amid disappointment” position, which was accepted by the Bank of Japan.

Dollar traded near a 10-month high against major currencies. It comes amid speculation about the prospects for an earlier start of the process of rate hikes Fed USA. The market is waiting for positive data on consumer sentiment from Reuters / Michigan and retail sales in the United States.

It should be noted that yesterday the pound rose against the dollar. This behavior of currency notes to the weakening of investors’ concerns about the possible release of Scotland from the UK. An opinion poll published the day before, indicates that the proportion of supporters of independence was less than those who are in favor of maintaining the current status.