29.05.2014 2:32

Designed sunglasses that can not lose

Company Tzukuri created sunglasses that will send to your smartphone notification if you move too far from them.

Forget beach recently bought a pair of sunglasses – it is always a shame. Especially if you chose them for a long time and with great care. Fortunately, the Australian company hopes to make life easier Tzukuri even the most absent-minded people.

She developed sunglasses, Bluetooth-equipped tiny chips with low power consumption. With a special application, you can synchronize the glasses with your iPhone (via the same Bluetooth). If you move away from your accessory further than 5 m, the smartphone will alert you with a loud signal. The same situation again at a distance of 10 m and 17 In addition, the application will map, which will show the point where the last time had glasses.


Most interesting is that the search is running in the opposite direction. If you leave somewhere iPhone and leave him in glasses on a certain distance, the phone rings, drawing attention to themselves.

The system can recognize when a person is at home or at work, so there will be constantly “ringing”.

As a source of energy using solar battery, so charge the glasses by hand is almost never required. But if the need suddenly appears, the application will send a notice reminding. The whole process takes a half hour, you will need to simply put an accessory in the sun.


As for appearance, it will be available in six models, each of which will be named in honor of some eminent people: John Lennon, Truman Capote, John F. Kennedy, Tom Ford, Grace Kelly and Atticus Finch.

Online “smart” glasses appear at the end of the year and will cost $ 350.