09.05.2014 6:21

Designers glassblowers showed “glass madness”

Glass is one of the oldest materials known to mankind. Make this stuff people have learned relatively early, even before the “common era”. Even glass also appeared early. Like today, and thousands of years ago, the glass used to create a variety of things including accessories, luxury and of course – dishes. Perhaps the only thing that has really changed over the centuries, so it is available by the glass.

Two ingenious designer united in creative duo presented a selection of “urban products glass-case” which included glassware and glass lamps. Project team and Romney Edison Zapata Gonzalez. Designers have worked on the basis of the studio in Brooklyn, New York. Their results appeared to show BKLYN Designs 2014.

Each of the products duet it differs from those of glassware in that it lacks traditional regular shapes. Every creature artists ugly, formless and chaotic, but in this lies the beauty. According to the designers themselves, they wanted to take a few steps away from the traditional craftsmanship of the glass blowers and do something “abnormal” and new. Typically, the products look like curved glass sheets or plates together creating some composition. Some designers have created glasses melted gap that makes them crooked. Receptacles for alcohol, by contrast, tend to have a regular geometric shape. At the same time, lids with this unusual egg-shaped bottles resemble crumpled spaghetti.

It is not surprising, at BKLYN Designs 2014 creation of American artists caused no little interest and was generally accepted positively, despite the fact that utensils and fixtures in this design are more decorative.