01.02.2014 9:08

Detained American, gathered to woo the daughter of George W. Bush with a machete and a canister

U.S. law enforcement agencies arrested an armed man who threatened ex-president George W. Bush, and thus reported that he intends to win favor of his daughter Barbara.

According to Reuters , the 44-year-old American citizen Benjamin Smith was arrested on Friday in New York, the U.S. Secret Service officers guarding the current and former heads of state, as well as their families.

Man arrested in a car parked in the area of ​​Manhattan, when he himself were charged rifle, a machete and a canister of gasoline.

Smith began to hunt down on Thursday after calling his mother. She told the police that he found at his home in Pittsford (NY) Note son. It Smith wrote that he was going to “work for George W. Bush and the Pentagon.” “I have to kill the dragon, and then Barbara Bush will be mine,” – said in the letter.


Security officers tracked down Smith on his mobile phone. Why is a man decided to go to New York, as well as, where at this point were the former president and his family, not reported. At the time of arrest Smith, who is accused of threatening former first party state, shouting that “Bush will get his.” ITAR-TASS, after Smith’s arrest is not directly called reasons for his action, but confirmed that at the moment is trying to “build a relationship with Barbara Bush.”

At a meeting in New York, the preliminary hearing the prosecutor expressed confidence that in the note is the eldest daughter of former U.S. President – 32-year-old Barbara Pierce Bush, not his mother, who bears the same name.

Under federal law, the U.S., the threat current or former heads of state is a serious offense. Smith must decide the fate of a jury trial. The date of the verdict is not reported.