Detained in Turkey 18 Security chiefs, who could listen to the leaders...

Detained in Turkey 18 Security chiefs, who could listen to the leaders of the country

Detained in Turkey 18 Security chiefs, who could listen to the leaders of the country

Turkish police arrest conducts current and former employees of security management (FM), suspected of illegal wiretapping seven thousand people, including the government. It is reported by the Turkish TV channel TRT Haber .

Just a list of 18 people. Among the suspects – former intelligence chief Omer Altyparmak police, as well as responsible for counter-terrorism activities of ex-deputy head of the Moscow UX Lokman Kyrdzhyly.Some department heads to detention on the agenda was summoned to the management – not known for anything.

It is reported that as grounds for detention is called participation in an illegal wiretapping senior representatives of Turkey in 2011. In addition, voiced suspicions that these people “received orders from abroad” for a number of high-profile in Turkey trials of military and police officers involved in the coup plans.

December 17, 2013 in Turkey took a major step in the fight against corruption. The police arrested 37 people, among whom were the sons of three Turkish ministers. Law enforcers raided in Istanbul and Ankara as part of the investigation into the bribes received in the course of public tenders. Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan immediately called anti-corruption operation “provocation aimed at the overthrow of his government” and “dirty conspiracy.” He said he would not allow the appearance of a “state within a state” and expressed confidence that he could keep control of the situation. As a consequence he conducted purges in law enforcement are exempt from their posts hundreds of employees. Turkish prosecutors dropped the charges the suspects with October 17, 2014. Scandalous corruption case fell apart before the trial. Anonymous sources said that Erdogan simply pressed the investigation.

Unnamed sources say that the ongoing operations entirely fall within the scope of the fight against “parallel structure Gulen,” Tass reports.

By “parallel structure” refers to a group of people in the judiciary and in key positions in the police, those in power and at the same time engaged in a struggle with the country’s leadership. Gülen – a businessman and public figure, the leader of a religious movement “Khizmat” living in exile in Pennsylvania, USA. Gulen faces up to 10 years in prison on charges in an effort to replace the secular order in Turkey Sharia regime and create a “world Turko-Islamic Union.”With regard to Gülen in Turkey a criminal case in connection with the coup attempt and espionage against Turkey.

According to members of the government, this structure exists within the governing bodies and pursues his goal, while maintaining outward loyalty management. Fighting “Gulen group” for the president-elect Tayyip Erdogan is one of the main priorities of work. Erdogan also said that Gulen to be extradited from the United States. US authorities responded that extradition is not allowed Gulen, reports Azerbaijan Trend .

A similar operation for the mass detention of the police was held July 22 at the same time in the 25 provinces of the country. Then detained 55 police officers, including the heads of departments of the regional security agencies.

Prior to that, the same wave of arrests took place in winter 2014. February 25, 2014 the Turkish media spread information that in 2011, the anti-terrorist operation against the terrorist organization “Salam”, wiretapped phone conversations almost seven thousand people associated with the representatives of both the ruling and opposition parties, as well as the head of Turkish intelligence , prime minister and president, the prime minister of the country members of the family. The Turkish government has said that the blame Gulen supporters.