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Develop business strategies: stratagem

Erection own business and relationships with competitors, as well as search for their own place under the sun consumer demand largely akin to planning military action. Chapter enterprise to some extent generalissimo who craves victory. He should be excellent strategist and fighter.

In the twentieth century, when the industrial revolution triumphed, very opportunely remembered the immortal work, “The Art of War” by the great Chinese strategist and commander Suntszy. For hundreds of years, this book is considered a classic of Chinese military science. And, once in Europe, it quickly became lovers and connoisseurs of exquisite Chinese thought, Napoleon himself considered it his handbook. Later, in the twentieth century, these strategies have become alter more peaceful direction, for example, they have found application in the field of business development .

Suntszy offered to go to conquer new frontiers, and not rest on our laurels. According to this, the competitive behavior can hardly be assessed as strategic, because the firm should have long laid stranger rate, slightly improving what has long been well known. This situation Suntszy dignify it as “siege of the fortress.” His strategies are relevant in the twenty-first century, moreover, it is unlikely they will lose their relevance in the next millennium.

Choose a strategy that is most suitable for business is a difficult matter. It is not enough to select one of the schemes, it is important to feel the strength to go to the end and gain the ability to use it.

Break plans. Strategy number 1 for business

If you know in advance that the enemy is preparing, you can break it plans soundly. Of course, there is no question of industrial espionage or subversion in the camp of competitors. This strategy involves tracking trends of society, intuitive search of innovation, exploring new research in order to find a gold mine, which is about peremetnetsya of science at the service of consumers. It was there that soar the best business ideas .

To do this, a little way to collect customers’ opinions, it’s akin to a “besieged fortress”. And just to preach open-mindedness is not confined to a narrow sector of the selected specialization. After signals usually come from where nobody expects them.

Business ideas though are in the air, but do not differ ephemeral, they have origins. The most successful move, find a new solution to a problem, to meet the needs of mass character.

So, where are the business idea?

It’s not as difficult as it seems, because the company is changing its looks and tastes constantly, as well as idols.

In addition, consumer behavior is predictable in some cases. So, initially, on one of the stages of development of a new product, the buyer prefers product averaged sample, inexpensive, and of course the best of quality. The same product with personality traits and overpriced it is not interested. But, over time, tired of the monotony, the buyer will gladly switch to original solutions to old products. One manufacturer that time sensed changes and offered his first product, break the bank.

Changes in the industry, where the company operates, also conceal a source of business ideas. If hearth wind innovations most important time of his capture and subdue their targets. The same applies to processes. It’s simple, if the entrepreneur was able to calculate the disadvantage that weigh down the process and limits the amount of product, then solving this problem, it has at its disposal a source of income. Along this path once went Tamon Japanese Iwasa, which eliminated the weak link in the automotive industry, namely, solved the problem of night lighting on the roads. He invented a road reflector to send light in all directions. This device has brought him fabulous profits.

However, when innovation takes massive, it is gradually losing its borders, as are other enterprising individual looking for more creative solutions.

Globalization can also bear fruit. For example, so fashionable now moving production to countries where labor is cheap. Or when the market comes to the provincial solid corporation that converts local customs and sets its high-tech orders.

The benefits of scientific discoveries already mentioned, given the seven-mile steps technical progress in this area to catch a business idea is particularly relevant.

Can become a major source of unexpected result that no one expected to get to a certain field of activity.

Suffice it to recall how our lives came computers, which created exclusively for the needs of scientists and have not seen them use among ordinary people. Only IBM sensed benefit and satisfy the request of businessmen and other respectable people. And now the company who developed solid scientific units and did not consider it possible to respond to user requests primitive, long since disappeared from the face of the business, while IBM has long earned a name for itself.However, catch this result can only be achieved if the company is not regarded as an error incident happened, and extract from it a new experience and benefits.

Of course, the success of opponents and their errors are also a valuable source for new ideas.

New industries, previously unseen, are generally fallow virgin, but they exist only for those who are willing to take risks.

So, number one strategy involves constant research and monitoring of the outside world in order to detect free niche or weak link.

Break unions. Business Strategy number 2

New markets appear when thanks to scientific developments and technologies have the ability to bring something new and previously unknown. This path is very expensive. For union stewardship needed managers who are able to perceive scientific and technical achievements and track innovation. Their duties include how to catch this most innovation and the time when you should run it in business, investing in the development and set a time when the investment is not required, and it’s time to milk this innovation to the end.

Of course, within the industry associations are limited, but the inter-industry linkages almost incalculable.

“Break the unions” which means competently make a strategic choice of products and markets, which are either thrive or just come to light.

Broken troops. Business Strategy number 3

There are always those who have a long and firmly taken its place in the industry or in the market and did not intend to move. But they are subject to fluctuations that periodically bring confusion into one or another market segment.

The first option, when the industry itself is losing ground and part of the market representatives expressed dissatisfaction with their position, number 3 followers strategies begin artificially tunable disasters in the hope to lose opponents and survive.

The second option, when the industry was gaining strength, competitors involved strengthening its borders, it is possible to catch the bird of happiness ahead of competitors.

The third option involves the development of a more aggressive events, when the industry breaks alien corporation that buys small business and consolidates into a single army.

Here the route follows.

Ability to select products. People want to have a long list of goods, both functionally and aesthetically. Manufacturer that will provide for modest money these advantages, is becoming a favorite.

The scale production, if it determines it is cheaper process.

Moreover, the scale can touch even just one of the points:

  • New technology and science
  • Funding
  • Purchase of raw materials
  • Production and storage of goods
  • Advertisement
  • Guarantee maintenance

When companies feel that the ground is slipping from under their feet, they will begin to show aggression and sooner or later make a mistake.

Technological advantage, based on patents, designs and so on will be a serious obstacle for beginners who want to try their hand at the market.

War brands also contributes to demoralization. If on the battlefield appears better known brand, consumers may well change their habits. However, only in the case of an adequate price for the proposed product.

When a company is invading someone else’s territory, it should maintain a constant combat readiness. Any strategist would prefer to admire his heart’s content, how relations develop a novice with veterans of the market, tracking dynamics. And only then build your strategy.

Besieged fortress. Business strategy number 4

It means to follow the beaten paths of fear of tripping. Pick rivals innovate and immediately repeat them, slightly upgrading. Here there is no place to turn around strategy, it’s just a tactical war that sucks the power and energy. A play relies on the rules without initiative. And the rules are set stronger rivals.


In general, all of the strategies can be divided into two categories.

Corporate strategy. When a company enters into new areas of business, looking to expand, and is not afraid to risk the fate of pioneer. Such firms are ahead of progress, and already behind them competitors are looking for ways to supplement and improve the product.

Competitive Strategy. It is used by those who are afraid of the future and prefer to wait on the spot for any hints on innovation. Admirers of this strategy prefer well-trodden paths and bird in the hand capture cranes for them it is unnecessary risk.