06.02.2014 11:35

Developed a universal roof rack for bicycles

Designer enthusiast from Slovenia Jose Petkovsek developed a very interesting device for bicycles – versatile luggage compartment of the new generation with a high degree of protection called Speed ​​Up Bag. While the trunk is only in the concept stage and realized only as a test model. Jose and his team created a video presentation dedicated to Speed ​​Up Bag for what would initiate fundraising for kraudfandingovyh portals. Luggage will cost from 200 to 350 U.S. dollars. If fundraising is successful, the first Speed ​​Up Bag is available in the EU by the 2014 Vienna.

Who is the new universal trunk? Cargo space Speed ​​Up Bag – it is a specific plastic container, which is mounted on the handlebars. The design and location of the pocket Speed ​​Up Bag is that the cyclist can contact him directly with one hand while driving out of the trunk and remove everything you need. On the pocket has a protective coating which if necessary can be completely buttoned zipper.

A key feature of the idea and Speed ​​Up Bag that would allow to store things without the risk of losing them while driving, while maintaining easy access to them without stopping the bike. In container Speed ​​Up Bag can put water bottle, smartphone, tablet, and books. Size luggage Speed ​​Up Bag lets you put into it, even sneakers while there still have room.

If successful kraudfandingovoy company, Speed ​​Up Bag come in several color options and design. The inventor of a new generation of luggage noted that plans to continue to improve his invention, and add the ability to lock luggage in different places bicycle frame, handlebars and seat.