25.01.2014 8:04

The new development has given scientists robots collective intelligence

Many remember SkyNet – network of intelligent machines, combined with each other common consciousness. In the famous film series “Terminator” this system actually destroyed the world. However, if you can find it peaceful use?

Creators Project RoboEarth confidently say: yes, you can!


The project brought together researchers and engineers from universities in many European countries. RoboEarth essentially represents a kind of “Internet for robots.” Of course, he would not allow a reasonable machines in Instagram to share photos and post comments on Facebook. It is about creating a “cloud” data warehouse, which would be the robots can communicate with each other when needed. Roughly speaking, they can literally “learn” from each other. Ideally, the service will make the robots “multitasking”, that is sharpened not only under one specific goal. RoboEarth been in development for six years.

Demonstration of all the features of the new system held January 16 at the University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Creators downloaded a few problems on the server, and then handed them out to four robots connected to the network. Machine “learned” serving drinks to patients orient themselves in space using GPS, as well as open boxes with medication. Each robot had to perform all defined functions, not just one.


RoboEarth can significantly accelerate the development of robotics in the world. Because manufacturers no longer need to program each model separately – cloud service will allow robots to download firmware and algorithms “on the fly” and adapt to the situation.