21.03.2014 1:49

The new development will allow Volvo to make driving in winter conditions safer

Volvo is one of those producers that have recently invested significant resources and time to develop their own systems of automatic driving. Currently, the Swedish company said its new research project on the establishment of safe driving in winter conditions.

Company Volvo, the Swedish Transport Authority and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration decided to join forces in a new pilot project, which is based on the concept to include all vehicles into a single network with a view to further communicate with each other. Project participants will develop a special system based on cloud technology that allows vehicles to share information with each other about the state of the road surface.

Currently, the project involves about 50 cars, but Volvo promises that the next winter to significantly increase the number of cars participating in the experiment.


A new security system is developed under the concept of «connected car», so its performance depends on the cellular networks. As mentioned above, the essence of the project in exchange of information on road conditions. At a time when taking part in the project car detects icy or slippery road section, information about its location is sent to the cloud database Volvo. After that, all the cars that are approaching this dangerous stretch of road, sent a warning message. Applications installed in cars, on the basis of this warning, speed and quality of pavement conclude the degree of danger of this road section and display the multimedia system are notified. Thus, each driver will be able to react to potentially dangerous stretch of road and reduce speed if you need it.

In addition, information about the icy stretch of road will also be sent to the service road to supplement the data provided by existing monitoring stations road conditions. This will help road services and their contractors to effectively plan and carry out maintenance of the roads in the winter, as well as effectively deal with icy roads.

According to Eric Izraelssona, project manager from the Volvo, such a system can do the job of road services more efficient and reduce the volume used for roads strewing salt in the winter, when it is necessary to minimize the impact on the environment.

In Volvo also soothe that information for road service will not contain any information about a specific car, only the status of the road surface.

“This is just the beginning. In the near future we will increase the amount of information that will be exchanged vehicles. In this area there is a great potential that can be used to ensure safe movement, more comfortable ride and organization of traffic flow “- said Eric Izraelsson.