27.01.2014 9:01

Devil’s Due

Filmed in mockumentary style horror about a young wife who goes crazy during pregnancy. Later it becomes clear that the heroine bears something terrible.


“The coming of the Devil” borrows from “Rosemary’s Baby” canonical story about a woman who might be pregnant from Satan – and stuffed it with modern horror tricks from simulating a home video camera to telekinetic mayhem. Horror movies are often blamed for the fact that they do not even try as it should introduce the viewer to the characters – and eventually as he does not care. Well, about the movie Tyler Gillett and Matthew Bettinelli not say – quite the contrary: “The coming of the devil” spends too much time on film psevdodomashnie cute newlyweds McCall, while completely forgetting how to scare us.


Yes, chronicles a difficult pregnancy heroine saturated with allusions to the fact that she is carrying something terrible. But these hints too banal and familiar to anyone who has watched a classic genre. Biblical quote about the coming of the Antichrist. Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, ending orgy, alkoprovalami memory and blurry video with a strange ritual. The news that the expectant mother at one time she was prematurely taken out of the womb. Mysterious gynecologist. Shadows in the night staggers home. But the most important questions – like the hero can continue to shoot, when the evil spirit throws it into the ceiling, and who then mounted a “home video” in the cozy 90-minute syuzhetets – film answers and does not. Because they have not svoruesh classics.