16.05.2014 12:48

Devil’s Tower – the most mysterious rock America

Huge basalt pillar in the middle of the plains with the ominous name Devils Tower for over a hundred years in Wyoming attracts climbers from around the world. But at the height of 386 meters obeyed not many brave. How can you not believe in mysticism?

At first glance, this towering in the middle of the Great Plains mountain come to mind associations with some impossibly exaggerated stump or some crazy architect erected tower. Impeccably correct shape and size make it an incredible rock formation almost meager main attraction at the spectacular places Wyoming. It is no coincidence even in 1906 in the locality of the envelope Devils Tower National Park was established, and she acquired the status of a vertex National Monument.


The Indians called this mountain Tipila Mata, which translated means “House of the Bear.” Still under collections mythology walks scruffy time the legend of the seven girls, in which during a carefree stroll through the woods bear attacked. Desperate to get away from the enraged beast, girls climbed on a rock and began to pray for salvation from above. As a result, the stone rose to the sky, and the girls went with him right to the heavenly plateau and became stars Pleiades. Oddly bear tried to climb the mountain, but nothing he did not succeed, and the rest on the stone surface longitudinal tracks from his claws – direct evidence of his attempts to taste disembodied innocent child flesh. Looking at this wonderful rock unwittingly agree with swing thoughts Alaska: here really lives something very big, evil and otherworldly.


Nature of this unique object covered with darkness and mystery thick layer of dust. Scientists say that the Devils Tower – neither more nor less than the remains of the impressive mountain range, the victim crushing defeat in the battle with time and adverse weather conditions. Two hundred million years ago, the Great Plains was covered by the sea. Magma is embedded in the thickness of the seabed of the swirling depths of the earth was the impetus for the formation of columnar basalt body. With the passage of time to farm here the sea got away, exposing basalt formation that once appeared on the bottom, and merciless to all living things and even inanimate time picking allies erosion, shattered even basalt. In favor of this theory say fragments of rocks scattered here and there around the foot of the majestic towers. Lumps have disappeared, but the very foundation representing gigantic size stone pillar, and to this day is amazing tourists from around the world.


There is another, much less plausible, but endearing mystical aura version of the origin of Devils Tower. The correct form of the rock is suggestive that someone over it worked well beyond nature, as well as people in those days, the construction of such “building” of the objects was not under force, the idea of ​​higher powers of intervention takes place in the human mind . It is clear that God is not to blame – too dark and sinister object to be the result of divine intervention. But the Devil …


Indians living nearby, it is considered the owner of the Devil and this amazing mountain. Aboriginal consciousness settles it to the top and gives the ability to cause thunder and lightning, striking mercilessly people flaming arrows. It is likely that several centuries lightning claimed many lives, and the Indians have generously shared their knowledge with the first white settlers. Actually, the last and worth ascribe authorship of modern mountain names – Devil `s Tower.


Moving away from the primitive belief in some omnipotent Devil, who found refuge atop the majestic mountains, the consciousness of the people began to seek the nature of the mysterious light anomalies regularly finds himself at the top, in the plane of contact with an alien civilization and regarded as the top site for landing flying objects from other planets. And this curious version widespread after the wonderful Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” in which a UFO landed just at the very top.


Numerous rumors of impure origin mountaintop did not scare ambitious climbers, whose dreams of conquest Devils Tower occupies roughly the same position as the Royal Flush on hand for a poker player. The height of the tower is 386 meters – higher than the famous Empire State Building in New York, but by climbing standards sverhordinarnogo nothing in these figures do not. Obey and much more considerable heights. The difficulty in the case of Devil’s Tower generate its steep walls: climb to the top is not just difficult, but incredibly difficult, and even more difficult to go back, as the descent is much more dangerous than climbing. Plus, is still relevant and in danger of falling boulders from a great height.


Each attempt to climb the forbidding peaks involves great risk to life. Pioneer was one of the locals, but it happened in the distant XIX century, and confirm this information now have absolutely no opportunity. Nearly a century later, in 1938, a feat repeated Jack Dyurrans. Third conqueror sinister Tower became George Hopkins, but unlike his predecessors, he conquered it from the air. Senior Parachutist coveted worldwide fame, but was held hostage by a diabolical peaks: he successfully landed on the mountain, but the euphoria of success was soon replaced by a complete lack of constructive solutions to descent to the ground. Came to the aid of the same Dyurrans, who led a mountaineering expedition to rescue ambitious parachutist. After long-awaited descent to the ground, Hopkins, on Mount tomivshiysya week, told the world about the whole vast hordes of rats that have settled at the top. If life is not there, then the question of what can feed these insatiable creatures, remains open.


Years pass, and the rock still stands majestically over the Great Plains, keeping around him such an enticing mystique. From time to time in the sky above her mysterious glow observed, recorded eyewitness accounts of unidentified flying objects, the researchers speculate about the mysterious destination Tower, averting her role almost new Noah’s Ark in the coming apocalypse or corridor to another, yet unknown to us measurement. A lot of questions, the answers to which are known only to God. Or is it the Devil?