Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – reaper free time

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – reaper free time


In 2012, we all learned that Blizzard knows how to break the game, whose impeccable reputation earning years. In 2014, nice to see that the company is able to admit their mistakes and correct them. Reaper of Souls is not just another chapter in the saga of the eternal confrontation between good and evil, it is an attempt Blizzard fix all that would seem to be hopelessly lost after Diablo III . And the attempt successful.


The first thing that catches your eye after launch Reaper of Souls – a general somber mood supplement. Can not say that from the former “disneevschiny” no trace, but the new location has become much darker and now more in line with the original. Westmarch street littered with corpses, ancient fortress Pandemonius (the one from Diablo II), the cemetery and the ruins – it all looks very cool and makes it clear that we face exactly the Diablo, we know and love.

In fact, the only disappointment in the game plot. Fallen Angel Maltael, the main villain of the add pops up like a jack-in-the-box, the Black Stone steals souls, which is the essence of the Great Evils (Diablo himself and including, you already know where this is going, right?), After which we are informed – guy got to be insane and I am sure that the Eternal Conflict of good and evil will cease as soon as humanity will be destroyed. In fact, it looks like “do not have time to explain here kill this guy.” Well … okay. Maltael causes no emotion except the delight of its appearance, it is a frank one, completely sucked from the finger character, which, of course, somewhat saddens. Well, the devil with him, Maltaelem. In the end, for the sake of playing in Diablo gameplay, not plot twists, turns. And with the gameplay we have a full order.

First, the fifth act – the largest in the game. And it is big, and not overextended. There are no dull monotonous jogging on desert locations, no tedious search input at the right cave and no one asks you to find the blue key to the red door (hello, Zoltan Kul). Moreover, during the passage of time to act style decorations replaced several times, so that it does not become boring, for which the individual human Blizzard artists thanks. Secondary targets were in the game before, but it seems that in Reaper of Souls about them as much as in all acts of the original Diablo III combined. In addition to small instansirovannyh locations or dynamic events in which players have to then save the children from the undead, the witness vile assassination of King Westmarch. Add a personal quests for each satellite and even artisans. These tasks will not only diversify gameplay, but also let you know more about their partner.


Speaking of artisans in Reaper of Souls, a new useful character. This fortune teller Miriam. With it you can change the appearance of an object or to replace one unnecessary feature to another, chosen randomly.

Secondly, has been completely redesigned loot system, the developers have introduced these corrections, about a month before the release of Reaper of Souls. In 2012, after the first four games of passages, my magichka had no idea that such things are legendary, and every rare piece of armor was seen as manna from heaven. Following the introduction of the loot from the 2.0 “gold” inscriptions dazzled, and the character does not have time to teleport to the city to dismantle the production of spare parts. Sell ​​anything does not make sense, because gold flowing river. Gold, which is now only useful for repairing and creating standing equipment because Blizzard closed Auction.

Monsters in the Reaper of Souls raise their level at the same time with the player, which may cause some problems if you decide to start playing frumpy character on the higher difficulty. Themselves now five levels of difficulty, and in fact even a decade, since “torturing” you can additionally configure, increasing as the power of monsters and bonuses for killing them up to 1600%.


Given added to the game mode “Adventure” and the removal of limits on the level of perfection, Reaper of Souls threatens to turn into Diablo III really endless game. Adventure mode is what was missing in Diablo from the outset. No longer need to pass trite task again and again, hoping to get the missing piece of kit armor. Boring dialogues disappeared as scenes on the engine. You’re only as the backbone of Diablo III – ongoing killing monsters. You can teleport anywhere, any act to any portal. Locations traversed in random order, and that was quite boring, in this mode, there are additional tasks. Grind the desired level, kill a certain creature or boss. Complete all the tasks in the act now horadrichesky hiding place in which you can find many useful things. It is clear that in this mode now runs most cooperative games.


Here ghostly Oreck exchanges key fracture fragments, which you will find while passing on, in fact, the key itself. It can help you move in a special vault with strong monsters own bosses and a bunch of other nice buns. Of new non-player characters need to remember more and Kadalu, the daughter of a merchant Ghida Diablo II, which continues the work of his father, only now instead of gold coins we can risk bloody fragments, hoping to get a unique thing. These fragments – the new currency in the Reaper of Souls, they occasionally fall out of the rare monsters or horadricheskih caches.


But we still have not mentioned the Crusaders, a new class that appears in Diablo III with the release of Reaper of Souls. It is heavy, armed with a shield “tank”, largely relying on their own skills and passive light force capable of both stunning and provoke enemies and allies confer beneficial effects. Something like? Yes, the Crusader is largely similar to the Paladin from Diablo II, which obviously will be good news for fans of this class, but still quite different, so that a sense of déjà vu if they will arise, it is not often. And his armor sets look great just unreal. The other characters were not too offended – each received a new skill, and the maximum character level has risen to 70.


In short, Reaper of Souls Diablo III did not just better, he turned it into a game that want to come back a lot more years, until the release of Diablo IV, because … Well, no one is no doubt that Diablo back? And if you, like me, at one time disappointed in Diablo III, and scored the game, believe me, it’s time to go back.