05.02.2014 1:53

DiCaprio protect other journalists

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, who played in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and both nominated for “Oscar”, to work together again. Actors will be removed in the untitled project studio Fox, based on a true story and tells about how journalists can destroy an innocent human being.

In the basis of the picture lies Journal article Vanity Fair, dedicated to a guy named Richard Jewell. In 1996 at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta almost irreparable tragedy occurred. A bomb exploded in a park, could carry hundreds of lives if a simple modest guard Richard Jewell noticed a suspicious bag under the bench and did not evacuate in time.

For a while Jewell became a national hero until someone let the press information that the guard himself and planned attack. Richard poured tons of malicious baseless accusations. Man of the hero turned into a dangerous psychopath. Even the fact that Richard lived with his ailing mother to care for her, the press presented as a psychological bias and impotency.

For unsubstantiated articles followed federal raids in the apartment. As a result, the police found no evidence of involvement in the terrorist attack Jewell, and journalists do not bother to apologize publicly for defamation. In 2005, all charges were finally dropped, but only two years later Richard Jewell died.

The main role in the film will perform Jonah Hill and DiCaprio will play his lawyer. Director for the film has not yet been found.