How to disable interrupts in Windows 10?

How to disable interrupts in Windows 10?

How to disable interrupts in Windows 10?

Applications that load the system, causing a lot of questions. First of all: How to disable interrupts in Windows 10? However, there are processes having no executive file they are indicators indicating the presence of more serious problems. Perfect example – the traps, which in the opinion of many users loaded processor. Consider this question in more detail.

What is system interrupts?

System interrupts – the standard Windows process whistleblower work of one of the devices in the computer. Those. It is not a separate application, and only an indicator indicating a hardware problem. The normal value is not more than 5%.How to disable interrupts in Windows 10?How to disable interrupts in Windows 10? When the application is launched on a PC, it uses the resources of the motherboard, graphics card, etc. So, if some device drivers not (obsolete) or present the damaged components (hard disk, RAM) – the processor starts to allocate additional power to handle those operations that skip damaged device. The fact that our comrade with nuclei drags everything in its hump, shows interrupts the process.

Testing equipment
How to disable interrupts in Windows 10?

We need to find out what kind of hardware component does not allow us to live in peace.

To do this:

  1. Download DPC Latency Checker on this link. This application will help determine the potential for bad candidates.
  2. After you run the executable file (to install the application is not necessary), start the system diagnostics.
  3. At the end of the process, read the information in the lower field of the program – it is advised to go in the “Task Manager”.
  4. Now start one by one to turn off the device and constantly check the status of workload “trap” process. Please note that the deactivated component “Computer”, “processor” and “System devices” is not necessary, it will crash the operating system and will cause problems when rebooting Windows.
  5. Find out when disconnecting the load on the PC is returned to its normal state. If a component has been found – update the device driver.
    Attention! Download the driver only from the official websites of manufacturers!How to disable interrupts in Windows 10?

In the case of an unsuccessful search for the defective devices do not worry, the problem probably lies in the three components that we are not cut off. Update the drivers for them and the problem will probably be eliminated.

Other reasons –¬†How to disable interrupts in Windows 10?

There are reviews of users who have coped with the problem by other means:

How to disable interrupts in Windows 10?

  1. Check the battery. It is believed that a similar problem is a dying battery. So find out the current battery capacity in the case of a lot of difference to nominal – to consider replacing the battery.
  2. Reset sound settings in Windows. Go to “Control Panel” – “Sound” – “improvements”. Put a check in the “Disable all sound effects.”
  3. Updating the BIOS. It is the variant that causes the problem is the old version of the basic input-output system. The solution, in this case, one – the update.

This concludes. The information provided should be sufficient in order to interrupt the system processor is not loaded anymore.