Displays champions against the sun: who will win?

Displays champions against the sun: who will win?


Before the summer a few days left, which implies a speedy approximation long-awaited vacation, endless swimming in the sea and long walks under the scorching sun. Whatever it was, the last-mentioned factor glad not all. We are talking about the screens of smartphones, which in this situation do not behave the most appropriate manner. Image distortion, pale colors – all this has long been a harsh reality to deal with barely helps the shadow of the second hand. However, each device to direct sunlight reacts differently. Who coped with this task better? Let’s find out.

First of all, it is worth noting that manufacturers of modern smartphones are trying every possible way to deal with the impact of a single star solar system. Someone corny increases brightness limit, while others are working to implement technological solutions of the problem. However, during a match with competitors all the details recede into the background, and the only important aspect is visible in every sense of the result.


In the center of the experiment, conducted by our foreign colleagues phonearena, eight were popular gadgets, namely: Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, HTC One, Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z1. In that order, they, incidentally, are located on the photos.

The test conditions are incredibly simple. Before you can enable the automatic adjustment of brightness, its overall level was increased to the limit. In addition, the devices of the South Korean manufacturer Samsung has enabled the adapted image. In other words, each devaysu was given the opportunity to demonstrate their full potential.


Upon first glance at the picture may appear that displays one or two smart phones are turned off, but it is not. Light of the sun during the photo shoot was so bright that some participants had to retire before the start of the race. However, the other contenders showed markedly more decent result.


Fortunately, our colleagues have taken care not only about the different images, but also about the different tilt angles, making the status quo is much more intuitive. It is obvious that the results of all tests confidently leads the current flagship Samsung Galaxy S5. Picture on its display is visible regardless of the color palette and tilt device.

And in what order do you think the rest of the experiment are located? Share your opinion in the comments.