21.02.2014 12:20

Distance education: “for” and “against”

For distance education has always been ambiguous attitude. Despite its increasing popularity, distance education (sometimes called online education) look with caution and distrust. What are the advantages of this kind of education and what arguments lead his critics?

Distance education is cheaper than traditional education “at the university.” And this is a definite plus, especially in times of economic instability. A closely related and other characteristics of distance learning – an opportunity to learn on the job. And even if the student is not working at the time school starts, it’s a great opportunity to find a job, and already at the end of training have in your arsenal of experience.

Despite the fact that training is carried out audiences in many distance education is similar to the traditional:

– Students have access to teachers and receive feedback from them. Here come to the aid of video – conference and e-mail;

– Students have access to the same educational resources, training programs rarely differ, and access to libraries also available;

– Students are full members of alumni associations which assist in finding a job.

When all of the above, many remain skeptical attitude toward online education. Here are just some of the questions asked by critics of distance education? Can the distance education guarantee the same quality of knowledge, as well as traditional education? Will students enrolled in distance education method, have equal opportunities for employment? And finally, is it possible to develop an online education environment independent thinking, creative approach to research, to share experiences with their peers, classmates?

Professionals in the field of education also often point out that the entry requirements for admission to the program of distance education programs is significantly lower full-time study.

And what is the opinion of employers ? Only 34% of employers surveyed in the United States , is considered as equivalent traditional and distance education. 54% of respondents indicated that candidates enrolled in the program online education, have an equal opportunity to obtain employment only if there is substantial work experience.

But clearly you can say one thing: distance education is recognized by all as a great way of training and improvement of the previous obrazovaniya.Chto No matter what supporters and opponents of distance education, the fact remains: the results of research conducted by the U.S. Department of Education , students enrolled in the program the remote training, for the most part, show the best results and competence compared with their “colleagues” in universities and colleges.

Summarizing, we can say with certainty that distance education is a good alternative full-time education in the economic crisis, as well as to enhance the skills.

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