21.09.2014 5:42

Dollar has conceded some ground European currencies

On Friday, 19 September, euro climbs and 9:00 MSK reached 1,292 dollars. Euro removes oversold after the upgrade, the minimum – 1.2833 dollars. Greenback slightly adjusted after the rally. Of course, a key influence on the foreign exchange market was publication of the minutes of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve, and its contents have been mixed.

In the text accompanying statement noted that the rate will remain low for a long time after the complete collapse QE3. But it’s not too disappointed, because something like that was laying in the market prices for the entire week. But at a news conference, Fed Chairman Janet Yellen said yet that the rate increase may happen sooner than expected.

The market continues to act out the results of the meeting of the Committee on the Open Market (FOMC) of the Fed, which resulted in the rates remained at the current record low level, and the program of quantitative easing has been reduced by another $ 10 billion., In line with expectations, said the deputy director of the analytical department “Alpari” Daria Zhelannova. At the same time, according to the FOMC, after the program mode of low rates will be valid for a period of time, especially if inflation is below target – 2%.

Of course, the market has disappointed even the current attitude of the Fed. I must say that despite the absence of significant catalysts for the euro / dollar may try to develop an upward correction, says Director of Research “Alfa-Forex” Andrew Dirgin. But in general, as long as the common European currency is no reason for growth, and a high probability that it will continue to move in the area of ​​1.28.

The pound / dollar finally waited for the referendum. According to preliminary data, Scotland voted against secession from the United Kingdom. Against this background, British shows strong strengthening and, after a 1.64 sights on 1.65. Especially because in addition to this there is nothing interesting in the British calendar is not contained, and comments Dzh.Yellen market played the day before. The dollar / yen has overcome several resistance levels. Of course, the differences in the attitudes of the central banks of Japan and the United States are amplified. If the Japanese are waiting for the regulator to mitigate, the American still may soon move to tighten. And these expectations will be warm interest in the pair, pushing it farther up. Now, the goal may be the level of 110 yen / dollar. from the current 109.2 yen.