Dominic Cooper: “I realized my childhood dream”

Dominic Cooper: “I realized my childhood dream”


Dominic Cooper , who played one of the leading roles in ” Need for Speed​​”, talked about why he was interested in making movies based on video games, and how it feels driving a car worth millions of dollars. 

First of all, I want to acknowledge the excellent work on the series “Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond». Perhaps it was a very informative experience.

It was a crazy adventure! I never paid much attention to roles in television projects, because they require much more time and effort. In this case, I decided to participate only if really interested in what’s happening. I just started to do their job without panic and regret. If anyone can panic on the set, the only director. He wants to achieve a certain behavior and lifestyle. And you have no choice, so it is advisable to do everything in one take. Sometimes we spend so much time on the site in anticipation of the exhausting filming, I was losing the ability to concentrate. Keep under control your behavior, remember the words, repeating the text over and over again in front of the camera – rather difficult.And after the camera moves to another actor, I felt enormous guilt in front of him for all the relief he felt. Sense of reality after 18 hours repeating the same lines is lost completely. So I like fast shooting.

You are now engaged in the films completely different genres – action, drama, comedy. In this part of the world you become Marvel, performing the role of Howard Stark in the movie ” The First Avenger “and” The First Avenger: Another War . “ This is a great success, is not it?

It is too early to talk about it. Sure each person is difficult to assess yourself and your actions or prospects. Even when he was very happy and pleasantly excited, he feels about the future. This is an amazing time, yes, but I can not help thinking about what will happen next. I find it interesting to observe that as someone wants to prove that it can achieve what he should not be expected. People should not stop the move towards its goal, distracted by all this fuss. I just said at the time “yes” to all those people with whom I work now. And very grateful to them for the roles that they offered to me.

Why did you agree for a role in ” Need for Speed: Need for speed ? “

Since my childhood I love speed and cars. When people grow up, these children’s dreams and fantasies fade, but not in my case. And although I never looked like, I could not refuse to participate in a movie about cool cars and racing. Scott once told me he wanted to make a dynamic movie. And I imagined that some guy will then spellbound watching it, admiring machines. My hero – a real monster, and it can always be interesting beat. I almost loved him for what he has given me so much fun on the set. Maybe I was not paying enough attention to thinking about how the picture will be perceived by the young audience, and what it can teach them. But watch this film is no more dangerous than to play the game Need for speed. I was extremely pleased that played with Imogen Poots and Aaron Paul . And even more happy reading the script and realizing that the film is not just about the coolest cars and people can not live without them. In the heart of the picture is a great true story, and everything else is just background for her. Our objective was to show this beautiful and emotionally, and I think we coped with it.

You liked any more than any other machine?

Do not think about it. You know, I was very happy just to sit behind the wheel of any of them and drive on the highway. But in real life, I still can not afford such an expensive car. Some of the machines have been absolutely incredible and I enjoyed riding on them. But I hardly buy myself something similar. And then, I prefer the old classic cars.

In the film, a lot of tricks. You were not afraid to carry them out?

We were not allowed to participate in racing tricks – performed their special people. Nobody in their right mind would not let go next two actors at speeds exceeding 300 km / h. Wheel was fixed in the middle, we were in the driver’s seat, but the car ran experienced riders, is on the roof. But we still feel all this speed. It was scary not control what happens, when you yourself can not steer and brake. We were forced to trust the person who did it for us. Those who did not know how to drive, it seemed like a roller coaster. I wanted to push the brake pedal to the floor every time we made ​​another trick. I sat on the roof of a crazy driver who controlled everything. And I did not see anything in front of him, but in the frame my character was supposed to look confident and calm. It was very fun. Very.

Why did you agree to the role in the film of another computer game after these shootings?

It’s all influence Duncan Jones . His script for the film ” Warcraft “was just fantastic, but I knew almost nothing about this game.

How would you describe that world faced during the filming?

He was very kind. It was great to meet people who embody this idea. The game creators have worked with us, advising and correcting. They so cautious about everything that could not please fans of the game, those who spend hours on end in it. We carry a huge responsibility towards them. This is very scary, but at the same time it is a great pleasure.

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