Dominic Monaghan: “I decided to become an actor in seven years’

Dominic Monaghan: “I decided to become an actor in seven years’


Dominic Monaghan answered questions from fans about his childhood idols, roles in the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings “and the TV series” Lost»(Lost), as well as future plans.

When you decide to become an actor?

I was six or seven years old when I first saw a picture of ” Star Wars: Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back . “ With the ” New Hope “I met later.It turns out that I saw the trilogy in the wrong order. After awhile, I saw the movie ” Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark “and was struck by the fact that Harrison Ford appears in the images on the screens of two iconic characters. I asked my father as possible, and he told me about the work of the actors. Therefore, by the age of seven, I firmly decided that I wanted to act in films.

It is true that in confirmation you even took the name in honor of the hero of “Star Wars”?

I wanted to pick Khan, but the parents were told that the name should be in the Bible. Chewbaccathere, of course, also to be found. We had to stay at Luke.

Working with what actors you have the most pleasant memories?

I call Viggo Mortensen and Ian McKellen . They are true professionals, who in each scene laid out a hundred percent. Viggo struck me that fully accustomed to the role. He even went to sleep in the woods to feel Aragorn.

Did you enjoy filming in New Zealand?

I love this country. I have associated with it a lot of pleasant memories. If I have children, I’ll be happy to move to New Zealand.

How long have you been there?

Passed for nearly fifteen years since the start of filming of “The Lord of the Rings.” We recentlyBilly Boyd returned to New Zealand, visiting places familiar to us. The tavern “Prancing Pony” is always a lot of tourists, and we arranged them a surprise, opening for them the doors of this institution. Billie joked that on the second floor we have rooms in which we live, when the jobless.Fans of the film were happy to see us. We even work a little bartenders.

Reconsider whether you trilogy?

I do not like to watch movies with your participation. In my head always climb the idea that in some scene could have played better. Sometimes remembers how I felt on the day of shooting … maybe reconsider trilogy with their grandchildren or nephews. While not risk spend 12:00 at the screen, not to become the Howard Hughes .

How did you get the role of Meriadoc?

My agent called me to break the news about the beginning of the casting in this project. Father used to read to us, “The Lord of the Rings”, so I was familiar with the work of John R. R. Tolkien . While I played a skinhead in the theatrical production in London. His head was shaved, wearing the bruise under his eye, and I myself in those days was a severe chill. On hobbit I frankly did not look like. I auditioned, but I was sure that I will not give up the role. Casting director said that should come later, David Bowie , so I decided to stay and look at him. Do not know who he could play. I think he auditioned for the role of Gandalf, but he would have made ​​of a great and Elrond. Many actors claim to participate in the trilogy … Sean Connery was offered the role of Gandalf, and Russell Crowe could play Aragorn. I heard that Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke were close to getting roles. Anyway, after a while I was in France during the shooting of the TV series. My agent called me with the news thatPeter Jackson wants to meet with me, but I have to fly to Los Angeles or even in New Zealand. Of course, I was ready to travel. But soon the agent called back and said that it is not necessary to fly anywhere. The filmmakers were willing to offer me a role without additional meetings.

Would you prefer to live in Middle-earth or on the Island?

In Middle-earth, because there live magic heroes. Shire is just gorgeous. Nobody would want to leave this world. On the Island, if you remember, everyone was trying to get out.

Do you still communicate with other performers roles hobbits?

Sure. When Billy arrives in Los Angeles, it is necessary to live in my house. Sometimes I manage to see Elijah Wood and Sean Astin . Now everyone is busy with their own affairs, but if we find ourselves in the same city, be sure to try to find time to meet.

In which of the recent movies and TV shows would you like to withdraw?

In ” Game of Thrones »(Game of Thrones). Speaking of movies, I dream to get a role in ” Star Wars: Episode 7 . “

You were the only bright spot in the movie ” X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine “…

Nice to hear, but do not think Hugh Jackman would agree with this approach. I liked the acting in this movie. Hugh, being a big Hollywood star, proved a great guy with whom to communicate easily. I was happy to work with him.

Which of your heroes close to you in spirit?

Perhaps Charlie from “Lost.” He’s a nice guy and very similar to me. Charlie made ​​mistakes, but he had a good heart. I think that people could identify with this hero, because he was an ordinary man.

Who came up with that on the fingers Charlie were pasted patches?

Creators have said that my character should have any injuries after the crash. They did not want me there were no scratches. So we decided to wrap the fingers patches. JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelofoffered to write on them the words of four letters. I thought, and decided that FATE will look most appropriate. But then it turned out that matching words are not so much, and we abandoned the idea to change them often.

From working on the project which have the most unpleasant memories?

The film ” Soldiers of Fortune , “a role in which performed Christian Slater , Ving Rhames and Sean Bean , we filmed in Ukraine. The director had no idea what he wants, but because the picture has turned weak. The hotel in which we lived was horrible. Actors could return from filming at eight o’clock, and room service ended a few hours earlier. And while I still had a broken leg …

Fans of the series “Lost” farewell tour waiting Driveshaft …

Do Driveshaft and first-round then was not … I would not mind touring this group. Working with Neil Hopkins , who played in the series of my brother, I have the most pleasant memories. We had decided that the reference Driveshaft will reverence tribute band Oasis, which we are fans.

Tell us about your new project, The Hundred Code ?

This buffet series, which I’ll be shooting in May. I’ll play a New York cop who goes to Stockholm to investigate crimes of a serial killer. My hero has to work in a completely unfamiliar circumstances. I would describe this project as a mixture of films ” Seven “and” Lethal Weapon . “