Donetsk has undergone a powerful artillery shelling, NATO again accuses Russia in...

Donetsk has undergone a powerful artillery shelling, NATO again accuses Russia in supplying arms to separatists

Donetsk has undergone a powerful artillery shelling, NATO again accuses Russia in supplying arms to separatists

On Wednesday, November 12, Donetsk undergone powerful shelling – the strongest this week, reports the BBC . On the eve, there were reports that the representatives of the OSCE in Ukraine recorded the movement of the column of military equipment without any markings on the eastern outskirts of Donetsk. Yesterday and today, the commander of US forces in Europe, General Philip Breedlove has accused Russia of supplying arms to the Donbass.

There is information about a deceased Ukrainian soldiers and two wounded, one of whom is in the Donetsk airport.

General Breedlove said Wednesday in Sofia that the last two days watching the movement of NATO convoys with Russian military equipment across the border to Ukraine. In the colonies seen tanks, artillery and manpower.

“The last two days, we see the same, as stated by representatives of the OSCE. We saw a column of Russian military equipment, mainly tanks, artillery, air defense systems and military units that cross the border with Ukraine,” – quoted Gen. Yahoo News

“While we can not accurately determine the number of them. However, we reiterate that saw numerous columns,” – said Breedlove.

He also called on Russia to respect national borders and put an end to the situation where the border between Russia and Ukraine is not actually controlled and permeability.

A similar statement was made on the eve of Breedlove Tuesday. As reported by BBC, the general also said that Russia throws in Crimea weapons, including “possibly nuclear.”

Recall, on the website of the OSCE mission reported that at 7:45 am local time on November 11 in three kilometers east of the center of Donetsk, observers saw a convoy of 43 military trucks with green canvas covers unmarked.

In addition, the report of the mission noted that five trucks towed 120mm howitzers. Another five trucks hauling partially closed multiple rocket launchers.Known trucks moved into the city center.

Earlier, on November 8, members of the US agency AP reported seeing 80 military trucks with tarpaulin covers, without any markings on the territory which is under the control of separatists Donbass. According to journalists, some trucks were soldiers.

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine prepares for battle

Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak during a meeting of the Cabinet today announced the preparation for combat, reports Tass.

“A clear mission to prepare for battle. We are ready. We spend the redeployment of the armed forces,” – said Poltorak. “Much work has been done on the preparation of the first line of defense and is held on the second,” – he added.

The Minister also noted that the APU is not decided until the end of the preparation for the winter. “We have signed contracts for the supply of arms more than 1 billion hryvnia. Work is done, the technique comes to the troops,” – he said.