28.03.2014 6:14

Drawdown gold inevitable?

Recent growth of gold due to increased interest from China and India , it could be completed in the near future . On the background of geopolitical events , many investors prefer the yellow metal more risky assets , but recent stabilization of the world ‘s largest economy and its growth prospects , re- deployed prices downwards – the analysts TeleTrade.

Many analysts believe that gold prospects are not so bright and the metal can to the end of the year to stay in the level of $ 1,330 per ounce. This figure is lower Average annual rates of 5.5 % compared with 2013 year. At the completion of growth, which was observed in the current year may be affected by several factors. First, the demand from key consuming nations metal decreased significantly . In addition, many long-term investors have returned to the assets in the real estate sector and shares.

From the beginning, the price of gold was tightened after the global fall by 9%. This contributed to the weakening of the world economy and escalating conflict in Ukraine. But just last week the price of the metal fell back to 3% when the head of the U.S. Federal Reserve announced its readiness to continue to curtail quantitative easing program and get rid of it completely until the end of 2014. According to analysts TeleTrade, and is an important statement of interest rate increases in the U.S. since 2015. It was the beginning of the stabilization and growth of the U.S. economy may well be the next driver falling gold prices .