26.12.2014 1:27

Drone amphibious HexH2o will allow you to capture images from the air and under water

QuadH2o company specializing in the development of various drones and gadgets presented to the user drone civil class HexH2o. The new device at first glance quite a typical representative of the family of amateur “spy drones”, but in reality it is not. The fact that HexH2o – this is the first of its kind amphibious UAV.

As you can guess from the above description, HexH2o – drone is capable of performing splashdown. At the same time he opens another interesting feature, which will be discussed later.

Powered HexH2o from two lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 6500 mAh each. When taking into account the volume of energy consumption, two of these batteries is enough for 25-35 minutes of battery life drone. Controlling the robot is carried out using a special remote control or smartphone with the installed application for HexH2o. The robot is also equipped with a camera that allows for a photo and video shoot.

Carries the robot once the six screws that run from six engines. In case of failure will leave one or two rotors, the robot will still be able to continue moving through the air. Body drone made of carbon fiber, which gives it an unusual lightness and strength at the same time. During splashdown UAV stands confidently on pontoons and can disable the propellers to save energy. If there is a need to facilitate the construction of drones, some of the details, including a battery can be easily unplugged.

As for the “interesting” function, it is the ability to conduct underwater. GoPro camera fastened to the drone is free to rotate and fall below that allows you to “dip” of the object in the water. The cost of the aircraft is 3700 US dollars.