17.03.2014 11:40

Drummer amputee produced robotic prosthesis

Jason Barnes – American singer-drummer, who lost his right hand as a result of electric shock. It happened two years ago. Because of serious injury musician had fully arm amputated below the elbow. Despite the disability, the circumstances did not stop the musician, and he continued to play. In order to stay “full” drummer Jason own hands (hand) and make ourselves their first prosthesis for playing drums. Prosthesis itself did not meet the medical and technical standards, Jason was able to play, but it was very hard and uncomfortable. Very soon the case musician interested inventors of Technology University of Georgia, who undertook an ambitious project.

The result of the project was a hand prosthesis that replaces the amputated hand piece Jason. Prosthesis, single purpose – he needed only to play the drums, however, with his help again, Jason was able to play almost as well as before the tragedy.

The prosthesis is designed for two sticks. One of them moves, automatically adjusting to the rhythm of a musician taken. If necessary, it can simply be turned off. The second stick moves team Jason. It is controlled by reading the electrical impulses in the muscles of the hand.

American scientists have noted that in the future will continue to work on improving the prosthesis musician. Perhaps in the near future be able to adapt his work and for the other classes. For example, such “extra hand” certainly could use some experts of all sorts, such as jewelers, surgeons, technicians and astronauts. Designed and created cyber hand was a scientific team led by Jill Weinberg specializes in prostheses for musicians.