How to dry clothes

How to dry clothes


The lifetime of clothes not only affects the way we wash them, but how well we dry. It would seem that may be difficult? Hang on the ropes and wait until dry. But due to improper drying things can deform the fabric – to become more fragile, besides the quality of this process affects the ease of ironing. But to understand this question is not so difficult.


If you dry your laundry outdoors – in the backyard or on the balcony, make clean ropes. Available to them dirt or rust can irreparably damage your belongings.

The bright sun paint on fabric fade faster, so it’s best to turn out underwear inside out before his hanging.

Strong wind negatively affects tissue structure – it becomes fragile and things can start to tear. On a windy day, it is important to seize the moment and take off your clothes immediately after it became dry.

If you are going to dry clothes in the cold, should be added to the water to rinse a little salt, and then it will not be chilled. Clotheslines also recommend wipe with a cloth soaked in a salt solution to wear them not froze. Just keep in mind that the starched things in any case can not be dried in the cold.

Not recommended to dry clothes in the kitchen: it will lose the freshness and absorb food odors and gas. But if there is no choice, then hang them in the kitchen at night, pre-ventilate the room.

When drying clothes in the washing machine or tumble dryer is important to remember that the things of the more delicate and whimsical fabrics or with decorative details may be damaged or deformed. With this drying not put the timer more than half an hour.


Before you hang clothes, take a look at the label: there may be important recommendations for drying products. Ideal dry things at room temperature and in the draft. After drying, it is better to shoot things.

Outer garments on hangers to dry properly, and the sleeves to fill the newspapers, they are more likely to absorb moisture. To sort beret hats or caps during the drying process is not lost form, put them on a plate of suitable size.

Linens, tablecloths, towels, handkerchiefs shake well after washing and hang on the rope, carefully straightening. And these things are easier to stitch, pull them slightly moist.

To shirts and blouses are not distorted, fasten them to all buttons and hang on the rope for the hem.

To shirts and blouses are not distorted, fasten them to all buttons and hang on the rope for the hem. Skirts and pants dry, attach a rope to his belt clothespins: so things will not wrinkle, and it will be easier to iron .

Wool knitwear and not dry on the rope, otherwise they are highly deformed. After washing, they need to gently squeeze through a dry cloth and dry in the expanded form on a horizontal surface. There are even special nets that provide air access from all sides.

Products made of natural silk after washing Recommend roll up in the towel and hang on a hanger in a cool place. Lacy things – shirts, napkins – as well wrap for 20-30 minutes in a dry cloth and then pat.

Synthetic tights or stockings are not twisting after washing, and squeeze through the fabric and hung by the toes


To linen dried as quickly as possible, it should be possible squeezed so washing machine to turn the machine number of the maximum spin speed program.

You can quickly dry clothes using a hot iron without steam function: to be ironed thing from both sides to stretch it into a rope, and in ten minutes to iron again.

You can quickly dry clothes using a hot iron without steam function: to be ironed thing from two sides.

With a hair dryer or heat fan can also quickly dry wet items, turning them periodically by different parties. Thing you can hang flat on the back of the chair in front of a fan, air heater or oven with feature blow, dry, turn inside out, and iron dosushit.

Subtle things hang out to dry on the foam hanger with wide shoulders. Air will circulate around the product, and it will dry much faster.

Winter clothes dries quickly on the radiator . It is not very useful for things, but in a desperate situation, you can use this method. In the summer, the same time the most simple – it hang laundry outdoors. The sun and the breeze things dry much faster than when using a hair dryer, heat or fan oven.

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