04.02.2014 7:51

Dum Dum Girls – «Too True»

When heard the first chords of «Lost Boys And Girls Club», songs from the new CD vamp diva Dee Dee Penny and her Dum Dum Girls, shake heart of any fan of the group Suede. All sounds like a mashup of two or three early tracks from the first plates infernal heroes of Britpop. However, the British component in the work of gothic beauties – obviously not home. With the same success they imitate Chrissie Hynde and her team Pretenders, Pat Benatar, and even Madonna. In general, all those who once could (and perhaps now in a position) to write interesting and disturbing song about a hangover, love and walk in the darkness of night with the hope of running into a sex maniac in the vest. All sounds perfectly sound (sometimes even too – as in «Rimbaud Eyes»), however, and the skill of writing in noise-hit for smoky vocals there is simply no question. For those who want to try themselves in this genre, «Too True» seems ready tool. Sexy, dashing, spicy and pleasantly detached.

What gothic girls are still strong sexual weapon in the hands of those who want to profitably sell their work, it is no secret. Even Katy Perry allows an outlet for “Grammy” in witch costume. With Dum Dum Girls-calculated to perfect images brunettes in leather shorts and conditionally added yet hit stuff. Conditional – this is because in songs like «Under These Hands» contours of those rooms on models which they were made ​​(in this case «Still Life» The Horrors). However, it is likely that the style of Gothic fashion, which employs the girl group band, just has to ensure that consciousness is a little confusing – just like when browsing images in Tumblr, where blogs gloomy girls their own erotic self often coexist with skewed Robert Smith faces 80s. Therefore, the “shadow of the past” in the work of the girls are no less important than that thick makeup that adorns their faces.