04.06.2014 7:02

E-Commerce in Ukraine

The long-awaited draft law ” On electronic commerce” adopted the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine . The bill defines the legal status of vendors and products in electronic commerce and provides procedures for settlement in this area. Market participants agreed that the law will affect the improvement of the culture of e-commerce in the country and will pull this kind of business to European standards , experts TeleTrade.

Ukraine lagged by 10 years in the regulation of this kind of relationship, such as in Europe e-commerce directive was adopted in 2000. All these years, the legal framework in Ukraine was absent , despite the growing popularity of this large sector. Development of technical progress , new technologies in the market and online systems require urgent regulation to avoid the careless attitude of some sellers and exclude the possibility of scams .

The adopted law describes the general principles of the e-commerce market in the country, the rights and responsibilities of buyers and sellers , sellers delineates responsibility .