02.02.2014 11:48

Echo Prime: steeplechase

Echo Prime came to our attention only because of the name of the developer. If not for that, we are unlikely to pay attention to another mobile action / RPG, ported to the PC.

Robot Entertainment – great authors Tower Defense first person Orcs Must Die! , and Orcs Must Die! 2 , the first of which we once even given “Editor’s Choice”. Plus the company’s arsenal and have a great turn-based cross-platform strategy multipleerny Hero Academy. So our interest in Echo Prime was fully justified.

Especially because at first glance the game looks like a purebred Diablo in space. Brave Space Marines hacked through the corridors of space stations, wielding a huge energy sword and shooting blaster crowd of robots, aliens, monsters and other Bugeye Sci-Fi-fowl. What could be better? Diablo for a sci-fi setting of much can give.

With settngom we were not misled. Everything is in place – a misunderstood accident that led to the mixing spaces, mysterious creatures Echo of alternate universes that can come to your rescue, robots, space pirates and other virtual combat simulators. Sterile traditional Sci-Fi, without much imagination and delights, collected from all possible stamps, lovingly cherished by generations of science fiction middling. Echo Prime plot in secondary and inarticulate, roots affect mobile games, loading hipsters playing in the bus, more information about the universe is simply meaningless.

Okay, “I fight, just because I fight” – not a bad motivation for Diablo in space. That’s just confusing instead of exploring dungeons, labyrinths stations and walks on the surface of planets, we offer a choice of either run in a straight as the only gyrus robot loader, corridor, or shred reviving monsters in small arenas. For everything a half – two minutes, repeat 100500 times. All right, Echo Prime – mobile game, which means it is designed for short or very short session with the motivation to come back every day, daily bonuses for the development of Echo as a hint.

Actually Echo themselves, it is also another typical trap mobile projects – collect them all, improve to elite. Echo although symbolize alien creatures, in fact it’s just a card bonuses. Depending on your level in the fight can take from one to four cards, plus one network to borrow from friends or random players. In cards – attack spells, bonuses to armor and weapons, various options for strengthening and treatment. Elite, prokachennom card, you can use more often.

Plus another typical mobile chip, a well-established back in Infinity Blade – pumping arms. Buy a new sword, blaster, armor, helmet – and forward into battle. Once chop the cabbage 100, 500, 1000, opponents get a bonus.

Actually combat fleeting and dynamic process. At a great distance from our enemies kosmopeh firing blaster near wielded the sword. For everything one button / tap, plus swipe to dodge. Fun, but somewhat monotonous.

Visually Echo Prime, it seems, plays and Orcs Must Die! and Hero Academy. Wall space stations and bases very much sulfur and monotonous, and the character models and weapons openly rustic. In the mobile version is not so evident in Steam-edition seen stronger.

Overall Echo Prime – typical casual action / RPG for mobile platforms. With a daily grind, disease and gathering monotonous tasks. Diablo in space does not happen, the authors Orcs Must Die! we expected more. Although if you play on your phone, in the subway, short sessions, the game can keep you busy during your trip. On the same PC, and so rather than full-fledged action / RPG, and even before the additions to the Diablo III remained not so much time.