Review multimedia acoustic Edifier Spinnaker

Review multimedia acoustic Edifier Spinnaker

Review multimedia acoustic Edifier Spinnaker

Series Image from Edifier has this name for a reason – all models from this group look like in the picture, stylish and memorable. A Edifier Luna Eclipse, we have proven that stylish speakers can also sound great. The older model Edifier Spinnaker looks even more impressive and original, and the sound can enchant even the most demanding audiophile. All the pros and cons will be discussed in this review.

Edifier Spinnaker: Options

In a large cardboard box positioned themselves speakers, remote control, connection cables, optical and analog (mini jack 3.5 mm – mini jack 3.5 mm and 2xRCA – mini jack 3.5 mm) audio cables, power supply, USB-charging cable remote control and documentation. All of the above lies in their places in the form of foam. Grade, so to speak, “turnkey” – all have to be directly connected to the source column.

Review multimedia acoustic Edifier Spinnaker

Edifier Spinnaker: Design, materials

Edifier Spinnaker – a bright representative of the design in the modern world of multimedia speakers. It really is an unusual device, which does not leave anyone indifferent. The shape of these speakers resemble something like a mammoth tusks, but judging by the name, manufacturer copied the shape of the sail (spinnaker). So unusual and pretentious, but very stylish. These speakers are not for any interior – in an apartment in the style of a classic Provence or they will not work.

The frame is made entirely of plastic and covered with a soft cloth. Damage the finger speaker will not work, which adds a plus in the column “longevity.” On the back part there is a plastic strip. Materials of construction are simple – plastic, metal and elastic tissue. Nothing extraordinary, but collected all the jewelry and with attention to detail. Column enough overall and near a small monitor or laptop look a little awkward. But near the impressive size screens or in a complex home theater Edifier Spinnaker look great.

Edifier Spinnaker: Connection controls

Before us is universal multimedia speakers who work in a wireless (Bluetooth) and wired modes. Over the past meet the digital interface S / PDIF and analog input mini jack 3,5 mm, also launched a connector for the subwoofer. The connection of all elements occurs under the lower part of the metal, even here, there are special “tunnels” to fix the wires.

Manage Edifier Spinnaker be unusual wireless remote control, which is the form factor is ideal for placing on the table near the monitor. With it you can turn on / off the column, adjust the volume and switch tracks on the connected Bluetooth-device. When the remote control is highlighted in red. Top right “fin” there is a single indicator that notifies food, conjugation, and so on. D.

Edifier Spinnaker: Sound

Within each column is set three emitter – two 70 mm to 10 W and one 116 mm with a capacity of 25 watts.Since the model is overlooked Multimedia speakers, the scope of the use of wide – from listening to music from smartphones to perform the function of the speaker system in the home. For audiophile interest, it was decided to listen to Prime Test CD # 1. The result impressed me, especially detailing medium-high Frequency Register. However, at low frequencies due to the specific placement of the low-frequency transmitter can be a problem: for example, a failed speaker placement can get boomy bass and smeared that drown out the beauty of the sound. But with the right arrangement of the sound is excellent, however, to achieve this in some areas will not be easy.

Review multimedia acoustic Edifier Spinnaker

After watching the fresh “Fast and Furious 7” wanted to review all previous parts. At this point, I have already stood near the TV Spinnakers. I must say, for watching movies, this model is suitable for 5+.Perfectly capture every detail of the sound track – in some moments it seemed that sounds such as the roar of the engine, are distributed directly under the window of the apartment, so everything is realistic. All effects are close to those in good cinema. With video games the same situation – very atmospheric and qualitatively.


The average cost of Edifier Spinnaker is $ 250 – for the money the user gets the original unusual design, wireless and wired connectivity, and excellent sound. This model is ideal for the modern interiors, but not suitable for classic or Provence. For lovers of all extraordinary – must have!

+ Sound
+ Design
+ Grade
+ Remote control

Did not like:
– Not to any interior