Egyptian President apologized raped during his inauguration woman

Egyptian President apologized raped during his inauguration woman


Newly elected Egyptian President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi visited the hospital in Cairo woman who sufferedgang rape during the festivities in honor of his inauguration. President presented a bouquet of flowers to the victim and apologized to her.

“I came to ask for forgiveness from you and all Egyptian women. Not lose his presence of mind,” – said the president was quoted as saying NEWSru Israel . On the eve of the Egyptian leader has ordered the Interior Minister to put an end to sexual violence against women and punish those responsible for rape manifestantki.

According to investigators, 42-year-old resident of Cairo came to Tahrir Square with his six year old son. Present there men surrounded the woman, ripped off her clothes and scalded her with boiling water, and then pushed to the ground and raped. Policemen managed to break through to the injured and taken to hospital.

Video of the crime published on the internet, shocked the public and became another evidence that rape in Egypt have become commonplace. Total police are investigating 27 complaints of sexual harassment during the ceremony.

Egyptian police have arrested seven men aged 15 to 49 years who are suspected of sexual harassment in Tahrir Square on June 8.

Human rights defenders and activists welcomed the decision of the feminist movement al-Sisi visit the victim. They expressed the hope that the statement of the head of state will be realized.

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