The Elder Scrolls Online – they did their MMOG, with skuumoy and...

The Elder Scrolls Online – they did their MMOG, with skuumoy and Khajiit


Before the release of The Elder Scrolls Online there were serious doubts about the ability to make a good MMORPG ZeniMax without losing at the same time that what we love The Elder Scrolls. As it turned out, save the spirit of the series the developers turned out, but with “good MMORPG”, alas, it’s more complicated.

The game features all the provinces of  Tamriel, a huge world, a lot of jobs and the original role-playing system, nice graphics, lots of content

Several strange decisions concerning social interaction, input lag in the battles, the presence of a subscription fee

It’s like The Elder Scrolls, only online

To begin with, that no significant changes in the game since the time of the beta test did not happen and everything we wrote last time and relevant for the final version.

If you like TES, but are afraid that the developers are broke, adding online – do not worry, The Elder Scrolls Online actually fits into the concept of the series. There is a huge space for research, an incredible number of jobs at every step across some caves, catacombs and ruins, with its history and mandatory mini-boss at the end. Traveling on locations constantly come across towns and villages whose inhabitants certainly dumped a whole heap of the player to their problems, to deal with that on their own they certainly can not. Plus every now and then activates one of the many dolmens and open the portal of dozens Daedra begin to appear …

As in Morrowind or relatively recent Skyrim , the game takes you on dozens of small, completely independent of the stories that have nothing to do with the storyline. In TES Online you can not just pick up and reach from one city to another – a journey necessarily be delayed for hours. Beyond the usual job of exterminating certain number of enemies or collect necessary items, there are more original quests often faced with the need to make certain moral choices, which, however, no serious consequences for the game world does not have, and with most of these characters you will never encounter, so that complex decision-making process it is impossible to call.

Such rolls over the number of jobs and their quality (do not forget, even the most minor dialogues in the game sounded) is not accidental. In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can not just play one, it seems that the possibility of a single pass of the game was a priority for developers and they coped with it. Of course, as the mechanics of combat and role-playing system has undergone some changes, but it is not fatal.

The combat system in the game is similar to the previous installments of the series – you attack one mouse button and lock the other, but there was also familiar to MMO panel skills, albeit very limited. Given two sets of weapons available to the player only 10 normal skills and two ultimatums, quite frankly, not a lot. Detractors are quite justified to blame the console and a small number of buttons on the controller.

Unfortunately, a limited number of skills is not the only problem with boevka in TES Online. The game has a very visible input lag, the character is not very responsive responds to commands that may disappoint fans more dynamic MMO.

As for the role of the system, it was suddenly good and do not be afraid of the fact that the game is currently only four classes. The fact that the selected class specifies only the general direction of character development and a basic set of skills, and then everything depends on you, because the rulers of skills in the game very much.

First, there are three unique class development directions. Second, each weapon type has its own line of skills. Third, after the entry in one of gaming communities, like fighters guild or mages, you get access to the appropriate skills. And this is only active skills, and then there is the passive mass, there are certain types of possessions pumping armor, there are trades in the end.

And make your character “master of all” will not work – when pumping is no longer balk characteristics and skill points. They can be obtained increasing the level of finding special crystals or completing quests, and this amount is much more than is necessary for progress in the chosen specialization, but not enough so that you can teach your hero while skillfully wield two-handed weapons, staff, bow and magic so you have to choose. And if you have decided to acquire and crafts, or even necessary to include austerity.

But if the single player experience special raises no objections, then to MMO-part there are some issues. It seems that ZeniMax Online Studios developed the game without looking at the competition and it is rather negative. Yes, The Elder Scrolls Online does not look another clone World of Warcraft, but there are many problems that other developers have decided in the past decade. All of them in one way or another relate to socialization and interaction with other players.

Take the same dungeon. It’s no secret that the vast majority of MMO visit dungeons – is the main way to get good gear. In TES Online no guaranteed production from the boss. You gather a group of four people for some reason, are transported into the dungeon (good legs are not forced to run, it is very great location in The Elder Scrolls Online), kill the first boss and find in it some mushrooms, two rolls of cloth, a bottle of beer and small crystal soul. Move on. Next boss from bounty backfilled you ten gold and ordinary cloth belt. What is it? It turns out the most delicious production is in the chests scattered around the dungeon. This is not a problem if you went camping with guild members – for example, we begin to open chests after the passage of the dungeon, after setting the sequence, and then exchange the right things. Hike with a group that is collected through local search engine, it’s torture. The presence of a dishonest player in the group who will ignore the fights, paying attention to all the trunks, no one is safe. It can, of course, exclude, but anyway he will remain in the dungeon with you, making it impossible to find a replacement. Have to go out and start all over again.

Search engine group, by the way, lets unite and to perform tasks in a specific location. With approximately the same efficiency.

Or here’s an in-game auction. Which, I’m sorry, no. Want to trade with other players? Kindly join the guild of 50 people, there is a guild shop, serving the function of the auction. But is not it limits the number of potential buyers? Yes, limits. But you can start the whole five guilds at once – meet us at ZeniMax Online. However, the problem with the lack of a normal auction it does not solve the problem.

Under PvP assigned all Cyrodiil province, but, frankly, to talk about this mode, there is nothing to. First, you need to come here to the maximum level, although the possibility of back on the battlefield appears after level 10, the game even kindly lift your performance, but it’s still local and monsters, and high-level players will not cease to be a problem. Secondly, Cyrodiil – location is of gigantic proportions, with scattered her fortresses, farms, mines, siege weapons … and with almost no players.

As planned by the developers, players must besiege the fortress, to fight for ownership of the surrounding lands, exploring and capturing those most Elder Scrolls (even job relevant issue), that’s just all this beauty is idle waiting. For all the time I only twice managed to participate in what was even remotely similar to a full-fledged battle. Here, incidentally, opened not the best aspect of the combat system The Elder Scrolls Online. If one on one fights in the game are quite interesting, the mass battles are more like a chaotic slaughter, from which the winner is the side that pioneered more attacks on the area. Potential in PvP in the game there are not small, but yet adequately assess this mode is not possible.

If we try to characterize The Elder Scrolls Online in a nutshell, I would say that most of the time the game is reminiscent Skyrim with multiplayer mod installed. Here interesting job, a huge game world and can be held in the dungeon with friends. On the other hand, sometimes quite incomprehensible why here in this ancient and secret sanctuary, which I just found, runs two dozen of some people, and its floor is strewn with corpses svezheubityh cultists. Such moments seriously disrupt the atmosphere. And wonder why Bethesda and ZeniMax Online decided to make the game a monthly subscription. The only really strong point of The Elder Scrolls Online is the game world and yes, fans will appreciate the opportunity to visit all the provinces of Tamriel to trade in the mountain settlement Nords then go fishing in the swamp village Argonian, and finish the day admiring the architecture of the Dunmer. If all these strange words you nothing to say, the reasons to buy The Elder Scrolls Online you do not have. At least I can not think of any argument in favor of not familiar with the series TES player moved to Tamriel Azeroth or Tyria. While I can not.

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