Elections Poroshenko – absolute defeat Maidan

Elections Poroshenko – absolute defeat Maidan


After 1991, in Russia and Ukraine established fundamentally unjust world order , in which small groups of super-rich who collected their fortunes on the redistribution of Soviet property rights by all . Neither in Russia nor in Ukraine was not formed marked Europe’s welfare state , welfare state: African life expectancy are a guarantee .

Neither in Russia nor in Ukraine was not formed and the state of the capitalist free market , which is characteristic for the U.S. : monstrously thin middle class and the extinction of small and medium-sized businesses are a guarantee . Key state institutions (primarily – the judiciary , ensuring ownership , what are the rules without any commitment to honest acquisition of wealth is meaningless ) and dysfunctional work on the basis of “telephone justice ” social lifts boarded up, the level of development of basic social services (such as a medical emergency ) allows you to refer to Russia and Ukraine to the poorest countries in Latin America .

The political system is reduced to a simulation policy , which has no connection with the public interest , all the attempts of certain reforms translate into Pelevin’s PR campaign .

Against this background, the Ukraine Independence broke out as an attempt to anti-oligarchic revolution and the movement to establish the legal European state with a functioning state apparatus. Unfortunately , very fast initial rush Maidana as movement functioning state was forgotten discontent fundamental injustice Ukrainian world order was postponed to the external actor ( Moscow , ” Muscovites “) and protesters flooded national chauvinism .

Social injustice , incredible corruption , broken courts , parliament turned into a market , the dominance of oligarchic media , the outflow of capital and the dilapidation of basic production assets, rudimentary infrastructure and almost omnipotent power of the oligarchs – all this curtain hid hatred of the ” Muscovites ” and Putin ‘s own charges ” fat cats ” turned into accusations fellow wearing the wrong color ribbon . People began to kill – not for the fact that they protect the super-rich , pillaged the country to pieces , oh no, but for the fact that they have a different view of the Ukrainian national identity. ” Right sector” (declared ideals of the welfare state ) began to cut pro-Russian , pro-socialist activists (declared ideals of the welfare state ) .

Oligarchs did not dare to cut one …

Elections Poroshenko – tycoon with a fortune of $ 1.5 billion , one of the founders of the ” Party of Regions ” , the owner of an entire media empire ( which is much more important than the candy business) – fix absolute defeat Maidana as the movement for reconstruction ugly post-Soviet reality on the patterns of the European welfare state. All that Ukrainians understood by European integration : a stable political system , dominated by the middle class , working state institutions , the minimum level of corruption , income distribution among all groups , the return of political forces under the control of society – all this is now cursed and forgotten.

The country has a civil war , the oligarchs as strong as ever ( and, moreover , represents a major saviors of Ukraine: they can understand where they still allow this ? ) Separate regions declared personal fiefdoms super-rich in other regions even minimal Ukrainian state is missing as a fact as the main enemies of Kiev demonstrators appear workers and miners of Donetsk, do not agree with the infringement of their national rights, of which there are workers and miners should pacify superrich Poroshenko .

Bloodshed of ordinary people , all the dreams of a new future , a better future , the future of civil forgotten and start a private army and go kill oligarch compatriots considered valor and patriotic act. ” Superrich Kolomoysky gave me a machine , this machine I’ll kill the poor, who do not recognize the authority of the super-rich Poroshenko .”

As said on a similar occasion Chernomyrdin : “Some people think that after the elections will be something. And after the election there will be nothing , and that’s life “