17.03.2014 11:22

In England appears longest waterslide

Several young designers and inventors from the UK, preparing for the annual festival of public transport, which takes place in London on May 4, prepared an unusual project – “sliding track.” So, some time ago in the city of Bristol, in England, there was an unusual blue streak deployed directly on the middle of the road. Strip resembling the gutter took almost half of the roadway and looks like chute descent debris. In fact, young designers turned giant toboggan, which stretches across the “Park Street” – one of the central streets of the city. Hill also reminds hill from the park, but unlike her – city option is completely straight.

Indeed, the “sliding track” designed not for entertainment, but in order to become a new form of public transport. Of course, to use for the purpose of entertainment the way you can too, but its creators hope that the residents of the UK largely reconsider their views on public transport.

Unusual waterslide built entirely of synthetic materials – plastic, rubber and dense foam that is used for airbags separating the road from the sidewalk and the roadway vehicles.

Go down the slide, you can not as a special pillow and just “flopping” on her stomach or sitting down as children do in the winter on icy hill. Unfortunately, let slip does not yet have the technology to stay in the midst of allowing painless way to make intermediate stops, but the creators were assured that already are working on solving this problem.

At the end of the sliding track is brake band, which ends with a soft wall safety. It should also add that the glide path is not dry. To ensure traffic is the current top of the water in which diluted lather accelerating movement and slip along the way.