31.07.2015 11:08

EnLighten teach your car to report the traffic light

Well, when already there is a green light? EnLighten tell!

“I hate the traffic lights,” – says CEO and founder of Connected Signals, Matt Ginsberg. Just like all of us. That’s why Connected Signals created EnLighten, an application for iOS and Android, which interacts with the city traffic lights to tell you when the light turns green when about to light up yellow or red when the two blocks from you will turn green.

The application interface is so simple (and deliberately boring and distracting) as possible. Red, yellow, or green circle shows the current status of traffic lights. Countdown pops up in the bottom of the circle, giving the driver know how long it will burn a particular color, and whether it is necessary to hurry to the next turn. “Knowing how long it will be lit red, making shorter waiting,” – says Ginsberg. “It seems that you are in control. But this is not the case. An alarm sounds for five seconds to switch the light to alert the driver so he got out of the player and looked at the road.

To work, EnLighten need access to the infrastructure of the city. Now Portland and Eugene (Staff Connected Signals) in Oregon, and Salt Lake City fully support the system. The application will appear in other cities, once the company gets access to the traffic signals. The application must connect to the central system, the control of traffic lights and pass the signal EnLighten. The whole procedure takes about one second. The process of information exchange in every city their own, but can last much longer.

On Monday, BMW presented their iDrive system will be integrated with EnLighten for iOS. Any machine with the system BMW iDrive, even machines that are already in operation, can put yourself application and use it via iDrive. Sensors machines and turn signals are also integrated with the application for such situations as a drive on the left.