Than entertain themselves in Jamaica

Than entertain themselves in Jamaica


Jamaica – sunny island, where each of the iron reggae sounds, and every passer-tube in his mouth and on the lips – a smile. Today we will talk about how to get from a trip to his homeland of Bob Marley maximum impressions.

One of the most enjoyable moments in traveling to Jamaica is a visa-free regime with Russia. If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, the purpose of the visit is tourism, and you do not plan to rest on the island for more than thirty days, then you will not need a visa. Every year tourists from Russia in Jamaica you can find more: our compatriots come here by small companies, and occasionally couples with children (flight still quite long and tiring). Duration of trip – an average of about 16 hours. The most optimal variant of the route offer on Lufthansa and Condor, which will take you to Montego Bay from Moscow via Frankfurt. Also from Moscow to Kingston takes the company British Airways, which, however, will make a stop in London.

Hotel, accordingly, offer to look at Kingston or Montego Bay. They are on opposite sides of the island. The most fashionable in Kingston is Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, the details of accommodation in which you can find on the site . In Montego Bay, the best reviews of tourists boasts hotel Secrets St. James Montego, located right by the ocean. Bookings can be made here: .


Perhaps the most unusual place on the island is the ostrich farm in Kash park, located on the southern coast, in lacquers. It would not be anything special, and it would be like thousands of other ostrich farms, if not for the opportunity to ride a local ostrich. Yes, if you did not know that riding on ostriches can ride! Birds from such entertainment, though not thrilled, but they have nowhere to go – you will carry a couple dozen meters on his back and peck. Besides ostriches in the park there is a small zoo and garden, in which is also a nice walk. Liberal attitude toward leisure: tablets with inscriptions “on the lawn not to go” no, no one will mind if you have a little picnic and play badminton on a lawn.

If you travel around the island with your partner, then you should visit the Blue Peak. It is the highest mountain on the island, which attracts couples in love with its picturesque: the most beautiful sunset in your life you will see here. Many believe that even the sun disappears behind the Himalayas is not as impressive as the sunsets Blue peak. Here is a coffee plantation of Blue Mountains, where you can enjoy the best coffee in the world (while tasting drink necessarily need to smoke a cigar, that all was canonically). And even with the height of the peak on a clear day is perfectly seen another legendary island – Cuba.

Blue peak in Jamaica

For friends sunset and coffee with a cigar will not work. For such a case in Jamaica, there is another popular pastime – rafting on the rivers Marta Brae and Black River. But here and rafting is not like everywhere will not ride in rubber boats, and on bamboo rafts and very slowly. Rastamanskaya rafting does not make heart-pounding excitement faster, but it will help to relax and be alone with the beautiful nature of the island. Directs the ship captain with a long bamboo stick in his hand, which he pushed from the bottom, resulting in dense traffic. If desired, the acting captain may try on anyone – not against anybody. Here there are several local exotic restaurants where you can sample caught in the river animals.

Montego Bay – the second largest city of Jamaica, but the number of tourists consistently ranked first. The reason for such popularity – a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Then there are the beautiful beaches, parks and promenades, the birthday of Bob Marley here annually reggae festival, which attracts tens of thousands of listeners from around the world. But the most outlandish fun here – it’s a hummingbird feeding from the hands. Most guidebooks one of the mandatory items for tourists in Jamaica worth natural reserve Montego Bay. It is here that you can look at the smallest bird in the world, and even feed them.

Hand feeding hummingbirds

Well, of course, visiting Jamaica can not pass by the house-museum of Bob Marley. Symbol Jamaican reggae music and even lived in a relatively modest, but the mansion. It offers a look at how the great musician spent his weekdays, be allowed to visit the living rooms and located in a family house studio where Bob created his music. The admission fee is relatively small – only $ 10 you can enjoy the atmosphere of the life and work of one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century. In the museum there is a guide, who will talk about the exhibits and each will learn many interesting facts from the biography of Marley.