17.06.2014 10:00

Over the entire period of ATO in the south-eastern Ukraine killed 125 Ukrainian military – most are not in combat

During the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine killed 125 servicemen. This was stated by First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema in the “Freedom of Speech” on the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV. According to him, among those killed – 96 soldiers and 22 representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Others – representatives of the Security Service and the Border Service of Ukraine.

Yarema said that the majority of Ukrainian servicemen found their death in battle. “Basically, they were killed when were on the plane, helicopter, slept … The professional level of our army and the National Guard is extremely high,” – he said. The official added that management must make organizational conclusions, in particular the organization of safety during the delivery people, UNIAN.

Yarema recalled that President Poroshenko proposed peace plan to solve the problem in the Donbas. “In accordance with the entry into force of the so-called short temporary truce. Militants will be offered a corridor for them to leave the territory of Ukraine,” – said the official. Yarema warned that if the armed activists, which Kiev authorities as terrorists, do not take advantage of this opportunity, they will be destroyed.

However, he noted that not all who resisted the army and law enforcement agencies will be able to freely leave Ukraine. “Except for the people who have committed heinous crimes related to killings, torture, serious injuries,” – said the first deputy prime minister.

According to him, Ukrainian troops and law enforcement agencies began to sweep because of Donbas presence of a large number of civilians. “We make every effort to come to the aid of these people”, – assured Yarema.

Night in the south-east of Ukraine passed fights

Meanwhile, the number of dead soldiers, Yarema uttered the night before the morning could increase. Head of the Ukrainian group information on the military operation Vladislav Seleznev reported on Facebook about the fighting that took place at night in eastern Luhansk region. According to him, the battle was one soldier was injured, opponents suffered losses of about 30 people dead and wounded. “In cities Slovyansk, Stanichno-Luhanske militants are trying to create reinforced checkpoints, firing points, strengthen defensive positions, mine adjacent to the checkpoint area,” – says Seleznev.

According to the group “Information Resistance”, for the last night in the Donetsk region were also recorded several attacks on the military. In particular, near the village of Alekseevskoe armed activists attacked a joint checkpoint guards and the military. The bombardment detonated ammunition stored at the checkpoint about 10 security forces were injured, wrote on Facebook Coordinator “Information Elements” Dmitry Timchuk.

At the same time, according to the State Border Service of Ukraine, during the confrontation soldier was wounded 31, including 11 border guards. “The fire was sighting and adjusted by trained militants. At the epicenter of the shelling were the most important objects of the camp. Round defense, border guards, together with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine joined the battle, after which the rebels retreated,” – stated on the site office.

Over the entire period of ATO in the south-eastern Ukraine killed 125 Ukrainian military - most are not in combat

Also, at night, there were attacks on checkpoints near the estuary of the Red and Slavic. “Security forces opened fire in response. Casualties among soldiers there,” – said Dmitry Timchuk.

In turn, the separatists reported that the military tried to airstrikes on Gorlovka (also Donetsk region). As reported seeing military aircraft, armed activists opened fire on him. “The plane hooked, then he began to decline and allegedly exploded. Brigade continues to search Search engine scene of the alleged bombing. Were two explosions,” – said the representative of the separatists, who was quoted by ITAR-TASS. Presumably, was hit by a Su-25. Earlier it was reported that the separatists could destroy the Il-76 plane with the Ukrainian military.

Separatists also accused Ukrainian military shelling Kramatorsk. According armed activists, 10 people were killed, more than 10 people injured. Head of Donetsk separatists Gunmen Igor said that his people without military support of Russia can not survive more than a month, writes NEWSru.ua.

Meanwhile, the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov wrote a post in Facebook, in which allegedly he debunked a number of allegations concerning anti-terrorist operation. In particular, he denied the allegations of the National Guard of phosphorus bombs against civilians, and that the forces deliberately killed allegedly ATO waterlines and prevent repair, which would facilitate the resumption of water supply to the city on the south-east.