Eric Dane: “We will meet with Al Qaeda and drug barons in...

Eric Dane: “We will meet with Al Qaeda and drug barons in The Last Ship”

Eric Dane:

Possible spoilers! 

Eric Dane, who plays Tom Chandler in the series’ The Last Ship , spoke about creating an image of the captain of the destroyer” Nathan James “and revealed details of the plot of one of the most notorious telepremer this summer. 

The pilot episode amazes spectators plenty of special effects and action-packed scenes. Will the series to keep the pace? 

Spectators are constantly faced with the fact that the quality of many series after dropping decent pilot episodes. Fortunately, this is not our case. Channel TNT has worked hard to create this ambitious project. I think that we retain highly raised the bar for quality throughout the season. Moreover, in some episodes of action will be even greater than in the pilot series. 

Eric Dane: "We will meet with Al Qaeda and drug barons in The Last Ship"

Starred as “Arctic” scene? 

Hard to believe, but it was on location to work on the series that the team was chosen in snowy Manitoba. We did without green screens and computer graphics.Work on the the last ship also took place on the high seas. To prepare for roles ensemble cast of the series for a few days went to a military base in San Diego. There we were taught to shoot from naval guns and conducted briefings on the behavior of the crew in the event of an attack on the destroyer. From this trip I have the most pleasant memories. 

Do you like the uniforms? 

This is a very important element in the image of the captain of the destroyer. I confess that in dress uniform I start to feel a completely different person. Shoulders back, back straight, head held high … 

Eric Dane: "We will meet with Al Qaeda and drug barons in The Last Ship"

How difficult would be the mission of “Nathan James”? 

The captain is obliged to fulfill the task and despite the fact that his family remained on the mainland. He would be happy to go to the nearest port to let the team members to seek their loved ones, but that’s just from the last ship crew will determine the fate of all mankind. 

Often if the team will have to leave the The last ship, which has become the only safe place in the world? 

Heroes of our show will be forced to go to Cuba to restock provisions. In Guantanamo they will meet with the terrorists of the “al-Qaeda.” In the middle of the season Chandler and his men will have to find monkeys to test vaccine. In the jungles of Nicaragua sailors encounter a drug lord who terrorizes the locals.