Europe takes action against the Ebola virus: Britain introduces control at airports...

Europe takes action against the Ebola virus: Britain introduces control at airports in Serbia, hundreds of people in quarantine

Europe takes action against the Ebola virus: Britain introduces control at airports in Serbia, hundreds of people in quarantine

European countries are taking measures to prevent the spread of their territories Ebola epidemic raging in Africa. In Serbia, the authorities decided to quarantine more than 700 people, some of which could potentially be contaminated with a deadly virus. At airports, the British capital of London introduced medical supervision because of this dangerous disease. There are reports of hospitalization in different European countries, patients with symptoms similar to Ebola.

On Wednesday it was reported that the death toll from the Ebola virus has reached 3879 people, recorded cases of infection 8033. eve of the press reported that the experts do not rule out the arrival of the epidemic in Russia, and the forecast, it could happen as early as October 24 .

In Serbia, in connection with a complex epidemiological situation with the Ebola virus in the world to take all necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of disease in the country, according to the website of the local Ministry of Health. As part of these measures under the supervision of physicians were placed 708 people, 92 of them come from areas threatened by Ebola. Serbian authorities have stepped up to protect the public in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement.

UK introduces enhanced control at some border crossings to protect against Ebola epidemic, reportsthe BBC . Passengers arriving at airports Heathrow and Gatwick from countries affected by the epidemic of Ebola – Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, as well as the Eurostar passengers from these countries will have to answer the questions of the Border Guard, and be prepared to undergo a medical examination. During inspections airport workers will find out whether the passengers were visiting affected regions, with whom they communicate, as well as the final destination of their journey.

As noted, coming from these countries will be inspected by trained medical personnel, and not the border guards. Passengers will also get recommendations of what to do if symptoms appear later.

Thus, the position of the British authorities on the measures to prevent anti-Ebola epidemic has changed. Just two days ago, the Ministry of Health stated that there are no plans to introduce checks to enter the country, for in the WHO believe that this is not necessary, since the control will get a huge number of people with a low level of risk. Now, however, additional measures to justify the growing threat of the spread of the epidemic in Europe.

British Home Secretary Norman Baker explained that the government changed its mind because of new information received from the doctors, says the BBC .Apparently, it is a 57-year-old Briton, who died in Macedonia, according to one version, from Ebola. The authorities emphasize that the risk of spread of the epidemic in the UK has increased, and new precautions will act as an extra.

According to the newspaper Express , UK hospitals are on high alert due to the fact that American scientists have warned of a 50 per cent probability that the Ebola virus into the country until October 24.

Meanwhile, Macedonian Ministry of Health has not yet confirmed the reports of the country’s first case of human death from Ebola. Earlier media reported that in Macedonia from this dangerous disease died Briton. As stated by a representative of the Ministry of Health Jovanka Kostovskii, quoted by Macedonian TV channel MRI , it is a British citizen, arrived in the country on October 2 and lives in one of the hotels in Skopje.

The man was hospitalized Thursday afternoon in serious condition with internal bleeding, vomiting and fever, and about two hours later died in hospital. The patient had symptoms of the Ebola virus, but according Kostovskii, there are “a great chance” that the question of some other disease. According to satellite Briton, who died did not visit the country with a high risk of contracting the virus.All in contact with a possible victim of fever placed under special surveillance, reports RIA “Novosti” .

In order to establish the exact cause of death analyzes men sent for examination to Germany, their results will be known in about 48 hours.Information about the case transferred to the British Foreign Office and the WHO.

The Czech Republic is also feared that the first patient with Ebola emerged in the country. On the eve of the Quarantine Hospital in Prague was placed 56-year-old man with similar symptoms, who returned from Liberia, reports Reuters. However, until the results of the examination of this case, no.

In Spain, in the quarantine are seven people who had contact with a nurseTeresa Romero Ramos, care for the sick in Central Africa. At the moment she is in a Spanish hospital, “Carlos III”, and her condition worsened. Ramos became the first person contracted the virus outside of West Africa. She nursed missionary Manuel Garcia-Viejo. He contracted the virus in Sierra Leone and died of Ebola on 26 September.

The Ebola virus is spreading rapidly in West Africa. Currently, cases of infection are already registered in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Senegal. Fever can be transmitted through unprotected direct contact with the blood or secretions of an infected person.

Deputy Head of the WHO Aylvord Bruce said that at this stage of the disease spreads not only in the province but also in the capitals of the three African countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. According to him, 70% of patients die, and the process is accelerated spread of the epidemic, according to the BBC . Medical charity organization “Doctors without Borders” reported a sharp increase in cases of Ebola in the Guinean capital, Conakry.

The United States also introduced new security measures in the form of checks in five major American airports passengers arriving from countries affected by Ebola West Africa. In coming to the United States upon arrival will be to measure the temperature. Meanwhile, in New York’s LaGuardia Airport about 200 passenger aircraft cleaners announced on the eve of a one-day strike and not come to work, requiring the administration to strengthen measures to protect them from the Ebola virus, reports The New York Post .Responsibilities cleaners on Thursday carried airline workers. At work, the strike did not affect the airport.

Australia has not confirmed suspicions that hospitalized in Cairns (Queensland) nurse sick with Ebola, reports The Brisbane Times , with reference to the state government. On Thursday, doctors Cairns hospitalized 57-year-old Sue Ellen Kovac with symptoms similar to the Ebola virus. It was found that the woman returned home Tuesday from Sierra Leone, where for a month working as a nurse at a hospital in which receives patients with Ebola.

After returning from Africa, the nurse felt good, but on the eve of her fever.Female urgently hospitalized. However, the examination showed that the Ebola virus in her blood is not. Until now, Australia is not a single case of the disease.